Live From the DNC: Soggy Labor Day Slog

Live From the DNC: Soggy Labor Day Slog

Remember what I said yesterday about getting around easily? Forget it. The bus route I’d mastered practically ceased to exist, thunderstorms pounded the city, and the sidewalks were packed. At one point, I slipped in behind a guy pushing a cart full of ponchos just to get through the crowd.

I wound up waiting out a storm at a bus stop with a protester named Larry from the Florida panhandle. He’d been at the RNC in Tampa, and was riding a bike around Charlotte with a sign bearing a poem he wrote.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the sign at first, but I believe he’s referring to conservatives of different backgrounds sharing a common worship of the market. Larry, who participated in yesterday’s march, noted that security was more obnoxious in Tampa.

Another scene from the streets:

I closed out the day at a house party hosted by Raw Story who, contrary to their name, did not serve undercooked meat. A reliable source there told me that Gretchen Carlson of “Fox & Friends” had a lackey carry her stilettos today as she walked around in more comfortable footwear. That source may or may not have employed the term “Gretchen Carlson’s shoe bitch.” Am I bringing you behind-the-scenes deets or what?

BONUS! Exclusive photo of the delicious homemade margarita served at the Raw Story party: