Huguely appeals to VA Supreme Court

George Huguely. Photo: Nick Strocchia. George Huguely. Photo: Nick Strocchia.

The Virginia Court of Appeals shut the door on any further arguments in George Huguely’s case this week, but the former UVA lacrosse player is still fighting his 2012 conviction for murder in the beating death of his girlfriend, Yeardley Love. He has now appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court, according to NBC29.

Huguely’s legal team had argued that Charlottesville prosecutors didn’t present enough evidence to support a conviction of second-degree murder, and pointed to what they said were constitutional and procedural errors during the trial—in particular, that Judge Edward Hogshire chose to go on with proceedings despite objections from Huguely when one of his attorneys, Rhonda Quagliana, became too ill to come to court.

Also brought up on appeal were questions of impartiality, as one of the jurors had indicated she may have been influenced by media reports on the case.

The Supreme Court has yet to decide whether to hear the appeal.