How has the government shutdown affected how you’ll vote in November?

Virginia's Capitol Building in Richmond. File photo. Virginia’s Capitol Building in Richmond. File photo.

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Here are some of the answers we’ve received so far:

Kimberly Allen Pugh: Voters should stick together and put every current member of congress out of office regardless of party.

Neil Williamson: With regard to the government shutdown, I believe that people in general are disappointed with their elected leaders in Washington. That being said, no one in Washington is on the ballot this year, and I anticipate any reduction in voter turnout to be more attributable to the negative campaigning of the gubernatorial candidates and voter fatigue rather than anything to do with the federal government.


Katie Thomas: I haven’t really been following it as well as I probably should.


J.T. Newberry: It’s not going to affect the way I vote in November at all because I’m always looking to vote for a moderate centrist person that can get something done.


Michael Durland: The shutdown has just solidified in my mind my determination that we really shouldn’t have arch-conservatives trying to run the government.