Green happenings: Charlottesville environmental news and events

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Each week, C-VILLE’s Green Scene page takes a look at local environmental news. The section’s bulletin board has information on local green events and keeps you up to date on statewide happenings. Got an event or a tip you’d like to see here and in the paper? Write us at 

Local living: A seminar series on restoring our local food system, hosted by the Piedmont Environmental Council, Rebecca’s Natural Food, Wolf Creek Farm, and Brightwood Vineyard & Farm, begins this week. Check out the first of six free talks on Wednesday, July 10, at 6:30pm at Rebecca’s.

Bone up: Ever wondered what the skull of a chipmunk looks like? How about a groundhog? Check out the Ivy Creek Foundation’s event on animal skulls and teeth, where you’ll learn about the bone structure of different mammals. Meet in the Education Center at the Ivy Creek Natural Area at 2pm on Sunday, July 14.

Frack it?: Virginia’s top energy official has weighed in on whether to open the George Washington National Forest to natural gas exploration. Conrad Spangler, Virginia’s Director of Energy, said he supports fracking the public lands, telling CBS19 that the process has been used for years without incident in Virginia. The U.S. Forest Service has yet to issue its final decision on whether to allow fracking in the forest.