“Funniest Commercials of the Year,” “I Get That A Lot,” Santa Claus: The Movie


“Funniest Commercials of the Year”

Thursday 10pm, TBS

We’re a little over a week before Christmas, so you’re supposed to be out buying presents you can’t afford for people you don’t like (but you’re stimulating the economy, so consider it patriotic duty), or at friends’ holiday parties eating way too many snickerdoodles and becoming a nogaholic. The TV networks know this, and they program around it, so many of this week’s shows are re-runs or corny specials. If you’re stuck at home, I encourage you to embrace that corn with this special, appropriately hosted by Isaiah Mustafa, a.k.a. the Old Spice guy, and featuring an appearance by Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World.” No idea what ads will get the nod, but can someone involved do something about consigning those stupid Old Navy “modelquins” to the industrial shredder?


“I Get That A Lot”

Friday 9:30pm, CBS

Charlottesvillians are used to regular celebrity sightings, between Sissy Spacek, John Grisham and the various members of Dave Matthews Band. But the average American would probably be starstruck if they ended up in the bank line with, say, Cher, or getting their oil changed along with Al Pacino. This hidden-camera show has a bit of fun with that concept, in which stars like Heidi Klum, Ice-T, and (sigh) Paris Hilton work at regular jobs like pizza shops and gas stations, and deal with the astonished reactions of the customers. The celebs try to claim that they are not, in fact, themselves, they’re just regular folks who look like a supermodel, rapper/actor or cultural punchline. This half-hour special features best-of clips from the three previous specials, plus some new footage.


Santa Claus: The Movie

Monday 1pm, AMC

Anybody else recall this gloriously terrible holiday flick from the ’80s? I remember being so excited to see this as a kid—a Christmas movie! About Santa! But then I saw it, and I still can’t fully explain what happens. The traditional Santa stuff is largely fine. The trouble comes from the “modern” part of the story, which sees an ambitious elf played by Dudley Moore head to the big city and hook up with a sleazy toy manufacturer played by John Lithgow. Somehow things end up involving magic lollipops that make people float, exploding candy canes, homeless kids—I still don’t know. Worth watching again for the copious WTF moments, and sure, for the Santa.