From India with love: Local import company brings luxe pieces to Charlottesville

Photo: Courtesy Sang & Serena Photo: Courtesy Sang & Serena
Photo: Courtesy Sang & Serena

If you’re looking for a true conversation piece—whether chest of drawers or wastebasket—check out the wares of Sang & Serena, an import company based here in Charlottesville. Sourced from Rajasthan, the region in India with a long tradition of inlaid furniture, its pieces are luxe objects that feature botanical patterns in bone or mother-of-pearl. And they’re stunning.

Serena Weaver and Sang Wong Hwang started the company in 2009 after travels in India introduced them to artisans practicing the centuries-old tradition of inlay. Through their website,, they’re now offering two collections of furniture, ranging from dining tables ($5,199) to serving trays ($399).

“We hope to become the U.S. leader in providing inlaid furniture to retail stores, interior designers, and discerning consumers alike,” said Weaver. The pair plans to offer textiles, too, and “to focus upon sustainable and fair-trade qualities of production.”