Five Finds on Friday: Spencer Crawford

Spencer Crawford, left. Photo courtesy Charlottesville29. Spencer Crawford, left. Photo courtesy Charlottesville29.

On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities. This week’s picks come from Spencer Crawford, sous chef of Palladio Restaurant, which was recently invited to make yet another appearance at the James Beard house. Crawford’s picks:

1) Virginia Apple Cider from Bold Rock Hard Cider. “What I drink almost all the time. Not a bad place to go and hang out either.”

2) Spudnuts from Spudnuts. “All of them. There’s a reason it has been on a lot of people’s list. Best in town or anywhere else.”

3) Pulled Pork Sandwich and Hushpuppies from BBQ Exchange. “Smoky pork-a-liciousness. ‘Nuff said.”

4) Tie between Loaded Footlongs from Jak’n Jil and Bacon Cheeseburgersfrom Riverside Lunch. “Both places have been around forever. Never been disappointed.”

5) Pancakes from Tip Top. “Good simple food done the same way every time.”

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