Teresa Tomlinson at a hearing on an injunction to block the closure of Sweet Briar College on April 15, 2015. Photo: Hawes Spencer

Fireworks as Sweet Briar injunction hearing moves forward

If the women who want to save their 114-year-old Sweet Briar College are David and the state’s top lawyer is Goliath, David seems to be winning this battle. On Tuesday, a Bedford County judge cleared the way for Amherst County Attorney Ellen Bowyer’s motion seeking an injunction to block the closure of the school. Her […]

The intersection of Route 20 and Route 250 on Pantops is set to become the second Albemarle interchange equipped with red light cameras. Photo: Jack Looney

Supe questions sustainability as red light camera program expands

A second Albemarle County intersection is set to be equipped with red light cameras after years of discussion and studies, and while the expansion of the photo ticketing program enjoys wide support on the Board of Supervisors, not everyone is happy about it. Police and county officials have enthusiastically announced the installation of cameras at the […]

Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint’s son) stars in The Longest Ride, a dramatic love story in a rodeo setting filled with saccharine and sacrifice. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Film review: The Longest Ride plays to short attention spans

The Longest Ride, like all Nicholas Sparks movies, is overlong, contrived and blatant in its pandering. Yet by being one of the most preposterous Sparks adaptations yet—a mishmash of pop-country neo-Americana with Barry Levinson-esque nostalgia and good old-fashioned sexy wish fulfillment—there is enjoyment (or at least begrudging respect) to be found in how openly and […]