Photo: Jackson Smith

Power plays: 20 local movers and shakers

Power. We know it when we feel it. Sometimes it’s a server who dawdles while taking our order when we’re starving. Or, on a grander scale, it’s the people who hire and fire, who make the decisions that affect people’s lives, both for good or ill, and in at least a couple of cases, even […]

John Ince, a longtime StreamWatch volunteer, helps conduct a stream sample in a Greene County stream. Photo courtesy of David Hannah

New watershed assessment: Still bad, but not as bad

Though the health of the Rivanna River watershed has consistently failed to meet one of five Virginia water quality standards, a new report shows that its conditions are improving. According to David Hannah, the executive director of StreamWatch—a local nonprofit that assesses watershed health by monitoring and testing streams—32 of the 50 assessed streams failed […]

Bombs bursting in air: Keeping your pets calm on the fourth

Bombs bursting in air: Keeping your pets calm on the fourth

There are few concepts more quintessentially American than gathering friends and family for a gluttonous grill-out followed by a gratuitously deafening show of explosions in the sky. While a simulated artillery strike makes for a perfectly sensible human celebration, our pets understandably tend to interpret the ruckus as the end of the world. Indeed, veterinarians […]

Neighbors Raymond Shackelford and Bridget Brown Shackelford witnessed a police K9 attack a 13-year-old girl and Bridget held the girl until the ambulance came. Photo by Samantha Baars

Dog attack witness: Police K9 was “vicious”

Thursday night, a K9 from the Charlottesville Police Department was accidentally released from the back of a patrol car on the 700 block of Prospect Avenue where it bit a 13-year-old girl several times, breaking the skin and requiring stitches, according to Captain Gary Pleasants. “The dog was vicious,” says Bridget Brown Shackelford, a neighbor […]