The intersection of Route 20 and Route 250 on Pantops is set to become the second Albemarle interchange equipped with red light cameras. Photo: Jack Looney

Supe questions sustainability as red light camera program expands

A second Albemarle County intersection is set to be equipped with red light cameras after years of discussion and studies, and while the expansion of the photo ticketing program enjoys wide support on the Board of Supervisors, not everyone is happy about it. Police and county officials have enthusiastically announced the installation of cameras at the […]

Image: Jason Crosby

Speak up: Why chefs want more complaints

I have a bad habit of never complaining at restaurants. Maybe it’s my British heritage. Brits don’t like to draw attention to themselves. When asked, “How is everything?” a Brit could be choking on a poisoned, flaming shard of glass while being pummeled by the bus boy, and would still muster: “Jolly good, thanks.” Why do […]