Photo: Martyn Kyle

Illegal norms: Is the 21 drinking age working?

Americans have an uneasy and contradictory relationship with alcohol—and with how underage drinking laws are enforced. Last week, while Virginia was reeling from another high-profile arrest of a 20-year-old, the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an editorial that urged rethinking the nation’s minimum drinking age of 21. The same day, Mothers Against Drunk Driving sent out a […]

Awkwardly cast as an action hero, Sean Penn flounders in the lead role of The Gunman despite direction by genre trendsetter Pierre Morel. Photo: Open Road Films

Film review: The Gunman is an award-winners’ failure

There are bad movies, there are really bad movies, there are atrocities committed against the intelligence of paying crowds that call themselves movies, and then there’s The Gunman. Watching it will make you forget that movies that aren’t this bad exist at all. It’s so godawful that even calling it bad is an insult to […]

A law enforcement officer and his wife said the inclusion of current events in a Black History Month program at Orange County High was inappropriate and that students should stick to celebrating Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. 

Outrage in Orange County: Black history program upsets cop

Orange is the new Black History Month flashpoint following a March 12 high school program titled “Black Lives Matter.” An anonymous deputy called the event “anti-police” and “political” in a Facebook message that went viral, and by Monday, March 16, parents were keeping their children home because of alleged threats of violence. Students at Orange […]