Street Style: Sunday best


Members of Mount Zion First Baptist Church show up each week looking snazzy. Photo: Natasha Kalergis Members of Mount Zion First Baptist Church show up each week looking snazzy. Photo: Natasha Kalergis

In addition to the worship, singing, and companionship, one of the most important rituals at Mount Zion First Baptist Church on Lankford Avenue is showing up in snappy attire. Showing up in Sunday’s best is an act of self-care that is an integral part in worship. At Mount Zion it is all about the colors, patterns, and a pulled togetherness that is hard to find elsewhere around town these days.

Photo: Natasha Kalergis


Beverly hand sewed her church outfit from a chocolate taffeta material she found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. To top it off she paired two matching and softening accessories—a draped scarf and a pheasant feather hat found at a trunk show in Georgia.

“When I go to church, I like to dress nicely. I feel better,” Beverly said. “I think of dressing as a way of saying ‘Thank you, God.’ For me, it is also a sign of respect.”

Photo: Natasha Kalergis


I noticed Patricia, with the eye-catching bright colors and divine swinging earrings, in the pew in front of me. She acquired her Frank Lyman dress in Virginia Beach, her soft orange blazer from Talbots, and her patent leather kitten heels—which pull the whole ensemble together—at one of my personal favorites, Scarpa. The one item Patricia never leaves home without?

“Earrings,” she said. “They give me confidence. I always feel dressed with them on.”

Photo: Natasha Kalergis


Not that it’s a competition, but Cleo was the most dapper man at church last Sunday. When I asked about his fashion I found out he is king of the one stop shop. Cleo has been going to the Men & Boys Shop on the Downtown Mall for all his Sunday best, just as his father—who was a Deacon at Mount Zion for more than 40 years—did before him. Men & Boys Shop owner Mike Kidd knows just what Cleo wants when he walks in: everything on the manikin.

  • jjones

    jesus, that’s not how you spell mannequin.

  • Just Wondering

    The clothes look great, but how is self-care an integral part in worship? Worship is by definition other-directed.

  • Fora


  • Vera Ford Timberlake

    That is why a lot of people who can’t afford to dress like that, but would love to go to church feel ashamed and stay away.

  • “Q”

    The elders always told me, “…cleanliness is next to Godliness…”

  • I’m Just Sayin

    If we can get dressed up to go to work or out on the town; surely we can get dressed in our Sunday best.

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