‘Down goes Frazier’: Three convictions but little clarity after Mall beating trial

Jeanne Doucette leaves Charlottesville District Court with her attorney, Bruce Williamson. Photo: Courteney Stuart Jeanne Doucette leaves Charlottesville District Court with her attorney, Bruce Williamson. Photo: Courteney Stuart

Three of the four people charged with misdemeanor assault for their involvement in a pre-Christmas altercation on the Downtown Mall were found guilty on Friday, March 21, in Charlottesville General District Court.

After hearing testimony from nearly a dozen witnesses including four Charlottesville police officers and three independent eyewitnesses, Judge Robert Downer handed down verdicts against Malcolm Stevenson, Richard Spears, and Jeanne Doucette, but dismissed the charge against Marc Adams after no evidence emerged that he struck anyone.

Doucette and Adams, both 39, had initially reported what they said was a random and unprovoked attack that occurred as the two walked from Miller’s restaurant to Rapture after 1am on December 20. Doucette provided police with cell phone pictures that she said depicted their assailants, three black men, on the night of the assault. Nine days later, after Charlottesville Police told her the investigation had been suspended due to a lack of information, she posted her pictures on Facebook and released them to media along with her account of the incident.

On January 8, Stevenson and Spears surrendered to police and, soon after, offered a conflicting version, both in media interviews and in their sworn complaints, filed January 17, in which they described Doucette and Adams as aggressors who’d used racist and homophobic insults that had prompted a brawl. Based on those complaints, Doucette and Adams were both arrested and also charged with assault, setting up Friday’s courtroom scenario in which all four participants were treated as both victims and defendants, and witnesses faced questioning from the prosecutor and four separate defense attorneys.

Anyone hoping trial testimony would bring clarity to the conflicting versions was likely disappointed, however, as eyewitnesses to the event could only offer partial accounts, and a unified story about the motive for the altercation never surfaced.

During inquiries about the motive for the assault, Stevenson rejected the theory that racist or homophobic slurs being used against them caused them to react violently.

“I don’t remember any specific types of insults,” Malcolm Stevenson testified under questioning by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Nina-Alice Antony during the nearly seven-hour trial, later stating that Adams called him a nigger but that he didn’t believe it was meant as a racist comment. Pressed by Antony, Stevenson testified that he didn’t tell police about racist or homophobic insults and didn’t remember making such claims in media interviews. An interview with Spears and Stevenson was published on local blog CharlottesvilleDTM.com on January 12 and another interview with the pair aired on NBC 29 on January 14.

“The male victim who I am claimed to have picked up and thrown and punched repeatedly, he approached me aggressively in a way saying that because of your sexuality and the way that you look that if this comes to blows I will win,” Stevenson told NBC29.

Both men have declined C-VILLE’s repeated requests for interviews.

Spears exercised his Fifth Amendment right and did not testify during the trial. His attorney, Ned Michie, explained to the court that his client had little memory of the event due to excessive alcohol consumption that night. Police testimony later revealed that Spears told an officer that he’d consumed 10 shots of vodka, three margaritas, two mixed drinks, and a shot of Bacardi 151 on the night in question.

Stevenson testified that the incident did begin as a verbal altercation after Spears mocked Adams, who had “slid down the wall” of the Wells Fargo bank and ended up on the ground. He testified that Doucette reacted to the mocking by pushing Spears before any blows had been exchanged. He saw Spears “flailing” his arms at Doucette and attempted to separate the two. Stevenson said the exchange heated up after he called Adams a “pussy.” Doucette then called Stevenson a pussy, Stevenson testified, and that insult enraged Spears, who Stevenson described as  “sensitive” about his sexuality. Both men are openly gay.

“When I was called a pussy, the tone of the altercation changed,” Stevenson testified, insisting that his role in the mélée up to that point had been restricted to trying to break it up until Adams began moving towards him. He placed his hands on Adams’ chest to prevent him from advancing, and when he took his hands away, he said, Adams fell to the ground.

Stevenson said photos that show him standing over Adams do not depict him kicking, as Doucette has described and as she again testified in court, but rather show him issuing a verbal warning to Adams to stop attacking. He claimed that a third man, who Stevenson said was not known to him or anyone in his group, delivered the punch to Adams face that knocked out his tooth.

A witness sitting in front of the Landmark Hotel site watched a part of the encounter, and said he heard Adams asking the group to “leave them alone.” He said he saw a man he believed to be Stevenson pick up Adams and throw him to the ground.

William Tyler, security manager at The Box, was standing outside the Second Street establishment when he recognized Adams and Doucette, both of whom he has known for a decade through his work at various nightclubs. The couple appeared to be in a heated discussion with each other in front of the Wells Fargo bank near Central Place, when they encountered another group that appeared to be walking west down the Mall. Tyler said he saw Adams start pointing his finger at one of the men in the group, who then struck Adams three times. Adams dropped to the ground after the third punch.

“I chuckled and said, ‘Down goes Frazier,’ testified Tyler, referring to sports announcer Howard Cosell’s famous boxing line.

Tyler said he saw the same man standing over Adams and attempting to strike him while he was on the ground. He said he saw Doucette push the man, at which point he ran to the scene where he found Doucette bleeding from the ear and holding an apparently unconscious Adams, whose face was bloody. The man who struck Adams and his group ran towards a car parked on Second Street next to the library, Tyler testified. Tyler returned to work after someone else had called 911.

Two Charlottesville police officers responded to two 911 calls from unidentified callers, and caught up with Adams and Doucette near the Second Street NW crossing on the Mall around 1:45am.  Doucette had blood visible on her ear and neck and was “very upset,” but did not appear intoxicated to the officers. Adams refused to give a statement or to receive medical treatment, and while both officers noticed an odor of alcohol about him, they could not determine whether he was unsteady on his feet because of injuries suffered in the assault or intoxication.

“He was bleeding, very upset, sobbing,” testified Officer Larry Jones of Adams’ demeanor. “He would only state that he wanted to go home.”

Adams went to the hospital the next morning and to the dentist for an emergency root canal on the missing tooth. Questioned by Spears’ and Stevenson’s attorneys about the extent of his injuries, described by the couple in a previous C-VILLE article and on Facebook as including cracked ribs and a fractured ankle, Adams acknowledged that X-rays did not confirm those injuries. Doucette testified she believed the description of the injuries was accurate because doctors told them hairline fractures often can’t be seen on X-ray and had sent Adams home with instructions on how to care for those specific injuries.

Stevenson’s and Spears’ attorneys also questioned the quantity of alcohol Adams and Doucette consumed on the night in question. Adams claimed he’d had nothing to drink before he worked a shift at a downtown food cart from 9pm to midnight, and after midnight, he said he didn’t recall. “More than one, less than 20?” Michie asked, to which Adams replied, “Yes.”  He said he was not under the influence of any other substance.

Doucette also claimed she didn’t know exactly how much she’d had to drink, and bristled at Michie’s continued questioning on the subject.

“I didn’t think this was about me having three pints of beer,” she said. “I thought it was about three men punching me in the head.”

At the conclusion of testimony, which also included input from Spears’ neighbor Ameer Pretty, who was part of Stevenson and Spears’ group that night and who said the incident hadn’t seemed particularly serious to him, Judge Downer—who had already dismissed the charge against Adams— summarized the basis for his decision to convict the other three.

“I don’t believe for a minute that Mr. Spears runs up and starts attacking out of the blue,” he said. “I think [Doucette] pushed Mr. Spears, and he completely overreacted.” He described Doucette’s push as “provoked but not justified,” and fined her $100. He sentenced Spears to 180 days with all but 40 suspended, and Stevenson to 60 days with 50 suspended. Both men received two years probation.

Downer noted that the unidentified third man made it impossible to determine who inflicted Adams’ serious injuries, decried the excessive alcohol consumption made evident through the testimony, and also expressed frustration that more witnesses did not come forward.

“Be the eyes and the ears that will help this court get it right,” he said. “If you see something, you need to say something.”

Following the verdict, Lepold announced  Stevenson’s intention to appeal.

Standing outside court following the trial, Spears’ mother Georgina Spears criticized the way her son has been portrayed in the media and treated in court, and said she believed the $100 fine against Doucette amounted to “a slap on the wrist” compared to her son’s heavier sentence, something she attributed to his race.

“You see it happening a lot more to black people than to white people,” she said.


Following the hearing, all four defendants declined comment. In a written statement sent the day after the trial, Adams noted his relief that the claims of racism and homophobia against him and Doucette seemed to have been recanted.

“I hope this community can heal after this unfortunate event,” he said.

  • Bob

    I do not see how this varies from the original account of the victims. They did not provoke the attackers with racial and anti-gay slurs as accused. There was a drunken fall followed by a blitz attack. The fact that Spears and Stevenson lied to the police and lied to the media should bring more charges. They attacked the victims twice by mumbling to the media that they were verbally assaulted, only to recant when in front of a judge. In my opinion, Doucette should have not been charged at all. She was only trying to defend herself and her boyfriend by an imposing threat. At least the judge saw this with his sentencing.

    • SistahSoulja

      clearly you were not in that courtroom doucette was angry that they laughed at her drunk boyfriend falling, she angrily pushed spears and got hit. If you people want to start fights, lose, and then go pressing charges don’t cry about being the victim.

      • cm123

        “you people” that’s a good one. 😀 Sorry, but a woman pushing a man is no excuse for such a violent group attack. Get real.

        • SistahSoulja

          of course its not, and that’s not my point. i actually agree with you. so now what? If you want to speak on morals, a person laughing at you is no excuse for you to use physical force against them? Now what do you say…..The law doesn’t take into account your feelings of the dynamics and social constructs of a man and a woman. The way whites are killing blacks at the pull of a trigger all because they feel threatened as a black man in todays society i would react over the top as well fighting for my life.

          • cm123

            Actions by some don’t determine the actions of others. Stereotypes
            exacerbate misjudgments of character and intention. Individuals control their own behavior.

          • SistahSoulja

            exactly, this could have all been avoided if doucette wasn’t angry her precious drunken falling boyfriend didn’t get laughed at. I’m nt making this stuff up people since “KELLZZ” says the public records are available please go read them, let me know if a transcript of all 6-12 witnesses is ready and when you read them come back to me please, I’m sorry this was not a vicious unprovoked attack by daddyless thugs wanting to attack a nice white couple who just recently finished their date on a moonlit night on the downtown mall. Im sorry you can’t blame the police for being lazy. Im so sorry people. The proof is in the FACTS. but i guess you guys work off faith, believing things that are not there because it gives you Hope that your beliefs about Blacks are true, they are all vicious thugs. Lol The END.

          • cm123

            Your assumptions reveal your own feelings, not necessarily those of others. If you perpetuate stereotypes, you keep hearts and minds trapped in a false reality. Poor judgements are sure to follow.

          • SistahSoulja

            my assumptions come from observing the particular language used by certain commentators, i absolutely don’t believe that this is what everyone thinks about the defendants. It’s interesting you type about perpetuating stereotypes, when Doucettes lies, exaggerated injuries, and uncorroborated account of this incident disproven by Tim Longo, caused the Cville to write a sensationalized story, referencing the Knock-out game, Race-baiting to cause a controversy, and you tell me that because i followed this story thought critically about All accounts, sat in a courtroom to hear unbiased parties account of what they witnessed and came to the conclusion that the true victims are the Blacks and i will even include Mark adams because he didn’t hit anyone, IM PERPETUATING STEREOTYPES??? thanks but no thank-you, do you guys even care about the facts, i doubt it.

          • MaggieScratch

            “I’m sorry this was not a vicious unprovoked attack by daddyless thugs wanting to attack a nice white couple who just recently finished their date on a moonlit night on the downtown mall”…… WOW….. Who the hell ever said anything like that except you?? Daddyless thugs…. is that what you think white people think …. That thugs are black and daddyless?? It is clear that you have a huge misconception on what “us people” think and believe. You should try not to let your emotions get into the conversation. You can’t let your misconceptions about white people get in the way of the “facts”. Stop embellishing and adding your own racist beat to it. You make yourself look silly. How about it was human beings beating other human beings?? How about it was wrong. Plain and simple….. normal don’t go around hurting other people.

          • SistahSoulja

            The person by the name ruminator said that. If you are going to rant read all the post please.

          • MaggieScratch

            missed that comment but my point was that not all white people think like that and you’re making yourself look silly defending those that beat on other human beings.

          • MaggieScratch

            The way whites are killing blacks these days?? Are you serious with this comment? It’s absurd. Do you have statistics to back up your “facts” ?

          • SistahSoulja

            in particular im speaking of :
            Jordan Davis
            Trayvon Martin
            sherdiva jenkins
            Oscar Grant
            Renisha Mcbride
            johnathan ferrell
            shall i go on…………you want “facts” now, i give you the Facts of this case and you don’t want to believe them. what facts do you need to help you understand that regardless of what numbers say that blacks are fearful of their lives at the hands of an unjust system, and laws that grant white people permission to kill if they feel somewhat threaten by the presence, look, and even Music(as we saw in jordan davis’ case) of a black person.

          • MaggieScratch

            Black people kill more black people than white people do. Come to philly sometime…. it’s on the news every night. Your talking about sensationalized cases of white people killing black people. It’s terrible either way.

          • Kellzz

            Doucette and Adams had nothing to do with the deaths of any of those people. We can certainly list a bunch of white people killed by blacks too if you wanna go there! My family and I were held at gunpoint and robbed by black people that were supposed to be our very good friends when I was 4 years old! They held a gun to me, my mom, my uncle, ransacked our home, stole from us and cut our phone lines! One of my best friends growing up was murdered by 2 black men! Yet I still don’t paint all blacks with the same brush like you do to white people! What the hell do any of those other people have to do with this case? ZILCH! Stevenson and Spears should be DAMN THANKFUL they didn’t pull this crap on me and my 2nd amendment loving, open carry permit holding man! A push from a small woman would be the least of their problems that night. Hopefully they’ve learned that lesson. Only cowards punch women and beat a man that is already down on the ground yelling leave us alone that never even threw a punch! And you are concerned with who won?? What is wrong with you trying to defend this insanity?? You think you know Adams and Doucette when you in fact are so clueless about the people they are it’s sad! You are SO WRONG about these people you continue to attack FACT! If I didn’t know how hurtful it is to them to be accused of being racist or homophobic I could laugh at your ignorance but all you are doing is trying to incite hate where hate doesn’t live! I know for a FACT that the very woman you attack doesn’t have a hateful bone in her body! So you keep on attacking with your racist nonsense to an audience of the very people who fight for free love and equality for all. Ignorant people like you make it so much harder for those of us that do fight for racial and sexual equality to keep doing what we do when you yourself attack with HATE! Fortunately for the rest of the world we know assholes come in all colors and would never let the behavior of the ignorant change what we choose to believe in and fight for. The very woman you attack here has fought for you and your fellow sisters and brothers her whole life! As have I! You don’t get to cry race card here! It’s simply a load of crap! So keep going through life hating all of us whites, thinking we are somehow treated privileged and throwing that race card at everything you don’t like and see how far that gets you in life! In this day and age you can be anything you want in life but so far you choose to be nothing but a hateful racist that ironically cries racism every chance you get and use it as a crutch that you are limping through life with! Put your race card away and stop being such a coward hiding behind that BS! Stevens and Spears behaved horribly and attacked an innocent couple, assaulted them over and over and lied about them when they just wanted to be left alone FACT! So leave them the hell alone already!

          • timmy 2step

            The media is playing you like a cheap fiddle. Who kills more black Americans everyday? Don’t lie!

          • SistahSoulja

            Who kills more white americans everyday. Whites. crime is about proximity and opportunity, lets talk about white on white crime. the media is playing you timmy 2 step

          • belmontDude

            What do you think anyone has to gain by you bringing this issue back into the forefront. It’s like picking open a wound that has almost healed.

        • Kellzz

          “You people” boy does that alone speak volumes about the person writing all this crazed nonsense huh? Who is the racist here? Just wow! I know what I say. MEN DON’T PUNCH WOMEN EVER!!

          • SistahSoulja

            oh yes use the classic, “you’re the racist defense”. always works

      • SistahSoulja

        not to mention in court they DID use racial and sexual preference comments towards the two, but no one could say exactly what they paraphrased what they said. So there again you are wrong. Spears did not testify so tell me how your second sentence is correct please?

        • MaggieScratch

          just stop

      • MaggieScratch

        She got hit? you mean she got punched repeatedly for a mere shove. I’d shove a guy too if he and two of his friends were coming at me.

      • timmy 2step

        “You people?” Pray tell, who are you talking about?

  • cm123

    Verbal & physical assaults are not on the same level. We’ve all been called names, and as children learned not to start fights over them. As adults, we’re responsible for such actions.

    • SistahSoulja

      so her pushing and starting the fight because someone verbally laughed at her boyfriend which made her mad is ok? please with the hypocrisy, the judge saw that she started the confrontation rightfully so everybody gets charged

      • MaggieScratch

        No one deserves to be beaten because they got a little push from a girl.

  • RandomThoughts

    It appears Doucette and Adams were attacked twice .

    First by two thugs on the downtown mall ,then the failed corrupt left wing justice system of CVille.

    I strongly hope Doucette Seeks other Council and files an Appeal to this miscarriage of justice.

  • SistahSoulja

    you forgot to mention lets see
    1. the report said Adam’s was still drunk and smelling of alcohol the next morning
    2. The witness saw the male in all black hit adams ( stevenson nor spears wore all black)
    3. Doucette lied aboout the amount of alcohol she had and their where abouts before the incident which was revealed through cross examination
    4. Doucette said she was on the ground with her head repeatedly slammed in the ground, she said her hair was pulled, and SHE THREW HER PURSE, remember courtney you creatively wrote that in your first account of the story. THE TWO MOST CREDIBLE WITNESSES one of which was their bouncer friend said they didn’t see anything of that nature occur, the other witness of which was a homeless man who sat right in front of the confrontation.
    5. Doucette claims to have been beaten so badly by a male but only took one picture of her injuries NOR DID SHE GO TO THE HOSPITAL THE NEXT DAY
    6. Doucette claimed no one was drunk in her party, but in testimony admitted to having 2 pints of beer, and drinks.
    7. Doucette had her phone in her hand before and after starting the confrontation, and failed to call the police
    8. Oh , some other things, both officers DID ADMIT, contrary to what you just wrote courtney that they believe and could smell the alcohol coming from both doucette and adams, and both officers testified that both adams and doucette were very uncooperative with both officers, and when they finally agreed to go into the ambulance they REFUSED treatment.
    9. THE ONLY STORY THAT WAS CONSISTANT WAS THAT OF STEVENSON’s the defense attorneys were able to TEAR UP doucettes testimony and ADAMS who miraculously didn’t remember anything.

    If you are going to sit in a courtroom for 5 hours, then write a follow-up story to protect your first crappy false unprofessional write up of a lie, please give the readers all of what you heard. At first i thought u were one of the better journalist, now i see you are nothing more than a CREATIVE WRITER.

  • ruminator

    This is wildly unjust. The evidence overwhelmingly established that this couple were attacked without provocation, that the cowardly assailants fled and hid, then weeks later filed perjured counter charges. A man was beaten unconscious by a vicious mob of drunken jackals while one onlooker, who claims to be a “security manager,” chuckles and finds the mob attack to be occasion for humor! The “judge” cannot believe that a group of drunk bored racist daddyless mc-nobody failed males would ever attack a white couple! So “judge” decides to punish the woman who dared to defend herself and her incapacitated companion. The “police” sit on their frumpy little butts, doing squat to investigate until their gross racist negligence is outed on Drudge and the morally defective community of PC-addled bedwetters (who beg us to patronize their dying tacky mall) sit smugly and silently while vicious hate crimes metastacize. Meanwhile, the male victim, beaten to a pulp solely because he’s white, coos pretty ingratiating things, the “judge” gives a pathetic lecture, C-ville Weekly chooses to publish pics of the victims, but not the perps.

    • SistahSoulja

      and you are another person that is wrong, please tell me you heard all the testimonies. or wait you must be one of their friends. a BIASED party. someone that doesnt want to believe the facts that came out in court because it would contradict their first beliefs of what happened.

  • Kellzz

    Soulja why exactly are YOU making it your life’s work to lie about and attack Ms.Doucette? The court transcripts are now PUBLIC RECORD!! Yet you sit here typing lie after lie in an attempt to defend your friends’ deplorable actions punching a VERY SMALL WOMAN repeatedly and BEATING A MAN UNCONSCIOUS! YOU are hellbent on making it about race and sexual orientation when it was undeniably confirmed that neither are true! You truly have no clue and are blinded by trying to make victims out of the behavior of thugs because you identify with them somehow apparently. You are a disgrace to the human race just like your friends. I hope Doucette sues the hell out of you for slander and libel. Get a life! The criminals in this case are the ones going to jail. Anyone who believes this Soulja person’s nonsense do enlighten yourself by reading what the court transcripts actually say.

    • SistahSoulja

      please kellz enlighten me on where the lies are i typed. Did you read all the testimonies from every witness like a HEARD, (not read). Please come back when you find where the lies are that i typed.

      • Brandy Gansky

        Jeanne is not OK. Your slanderous barking like an evil hellhound actually causes pain. You think it’s just awful to be faced with racism… so does she. Those that know her know better and they are of every color because in the real world it’s not black and white… they are of every letter in LBGT… they are rich and poor… they are metal and minstrel… They are young and old… they are east coast, west coast, southern, and northern… they are Ivy League and street educated…They are love, you are bitterness embodied.

        • SistahSoulja

          its nice that you want to speak off emotions.
          But im speaking off facts based off of Doucettes, Spears, Stevensons, Mr Pretty, The officers, The 3 independent witness.
          There is truly nothing more that i can say to you guys who want to hellhound on your FEELINGS. Feelings hold no weight in the eyes of the Law. Thanks for your feelings, but i’ll continue to speak my facts, because my feelings don’t matter Really lets be honest, but the FACTS do. Try again

          • Brandy Gansky

            I know the facts far better than you, I’m not playing your game. What you are doing is evil hateful and could indeed incite social discord. It’s emotional when you hurt someone, you don’t know Jeanne or the people that stand by her. You are presumptuous and hateful and that is a clear fact… you’ve been testifying to it for hours.

          • SistahSoulja

            What facts do you know far better than me, If you were there in the court room please explain my lies. Presumptuous?? yes because it is very and most certainly inappropriate to speak facts in reference to the fabricated exaggerated account of a couples injuries to the World. all due to a violent gange of black men. Let me give you some more facts
            1. Doucette said adams had a concussion and was beaten unconcious
            fact: Medical examiner wrote “no concussion” on medical exam

            2. Doucette said adams had a broken ankle, and broken ribs
            fact: Medical examiner wrote on examination “No fractures. No Breaks”.

            These are not my feelings these are my facts.

            Game over

          • Brandy Gansky

            No game, no winner, just bullshit

          • SistahSoulja

            i’ll take that.

      • Kellzz

        I know you are black and friends with Mr. I had 17 drinks (while you sit back and judge Adams for his alcohol use but he never tried to hurt anyone) and beat the hell out of them so I think I’ll plead the 5th (how cowardly btw considering he filed retaliation charges), because I know who you are and what other things you’ve done along the way. It’s not hard to tell anyway by the way you throw that race card around so wildly and group white people together as “you people” with vile hateful ignorance and all of your other racist banter as if Doucette will be fine because she’s white. Do you like being lumped with all black people and called “you people”? Or being accused of things based solely on your skin color? That would have you crying racism again but it’s not racism for you to do it? Spears and Stevens flat out lied in multiple media interviews claiming Adams as an attacker, filed false assault charges against him and had the victim arrested for nothing other than retaliation, and crying that they were attacked for their race and sexual orientation. Adams never threw a punch FACT. Another FACT neither did Doucette. Fact: if my partner was being attacked I’d push them away too. FACT: Spears and Stevenson had no business bothering them! FACT: Stevenson recanted claims that they were attacked for their race or sexual orientation on the stand and says he doesn’t recall claiming either one to police or media but it’s in their statements. You’ve posted so many more lies but I don’t have the time or energy to pick all that ignorance apart piece by piece. Everyone else is lying right? Climb out from under your poor me I’m black victim rock and do something positive and constructive with your life instead of using your handy race card as your excuse in life. You and your friends are the ones guilty of creating racial tensions with your collective lies. You have set your own city back with the lies, the marches and words of hate. What makes you think you know either of them well enough to say what you do about them? Take all that energy you have put into hating white people and do something positive with it. You defeat your own cause spewing hate at white people you know nothing about because you think we are all privileged and above everything. Has it ever occurred to you that you might be hating the very people who stand up for, fight for and believe in equality for all?

        • Kellzz

          All court transcripts become public record after the proceedings are over btw.

        • SistahSoulja

          no you think i am friends with them, and you want to believe that, just like you think you know the facts well let me go through your facts
          1. you say adams never threw a punch (that is true good job)
          no witness ever attested to adams throwing a punch
          2. Doucette never threw a punch (false)
          two witnesses attested to doucette throwing punches i believe they said she was flailing her arms.
          3. you say if your partner was being attacked i’d push too

          fact: The defendants were walking from the mall in the same direction as the plaintiffs, adams fell from being to drunk to stand, spears laughed, doucette didn;t like that so she charged at spears and shoved him telling him to stop laughing

          This was attested by two witnesses, and believed by the judge.

          4. Stevenson recanted: (false)
          stevenson said he coudn’t hear what doucette said to spears because he wasn’t close enough, when he finally got inbetween the two, language was used in reference to his race and the way he was dressed.

          Ok, now that i have disproven all of your FACTS, through witness testimony now what. And court transcripts do become public after a request and fee. but i don’t need it because i heard all of this stuff maybe it will benefit YOU because you clearly are disguising your feelings in what you claim to be facts. you have yet to disprove anything i have typed because you can’t ! this is what came out in court

  • MaggieScratch

    I fail to see why Sistah Soulja is so wildly defending these men. They beat people up… badly…. They deserve what they got. What’s your personal beef with Ms. Doucette?? Why are you creating more of a shitstorm than anyone needs or wants? It’s really quite pathetic and ignorant. It’s plain to see that you have a problem with white people. Stop your idiotic crusade against a woman that you know nothing about.

    • SistahSoulja

      So it is ok for someone to lie in the media about a mob of black Men beating her and her boyfriend unconscious for no reason? characterizing it as a knock out attack, exaggerating her injuries to gain sympathy from people who fail to think critically about doucettes true motives in this altercation. all of which her injuries were disproven. The fact that the police didn’t look into this case because they clearly dismissed it as a drunken bar fight in which both parties equally participated in??….I’m sorry that your drunk friend started a fight with other drunk people and got injured. Look it up it happened before in history , Carolyn Bryant, maybe this link will help you understand http://sweet0tea.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/an-open-letter-to-the-white-woman-who-cried-animals/

      • MaggieScratch

        What do you think Ms. Doucettes true motives were? Her injuries were disproven? She still has the scar on her ear. It’s NEVER ok for any man to hit a woman. None of those men were hurt or injured. They behaved like wild animals. You think they deserve nothing for their actions?? They did something wrong … they deserve to be punished.

  • Carl Shurz

    Thank you Hook, for this reporting from the hearing.
    Plenty of indicators about this Doucette thing.
    Thanks for trying for a face shot.

    • Kellzz

      There’s a question I’d like to ask Courtney. Why is there a pic of Jeanne here? Where are the pics of Stevenson and Spears, the real criminals here? She hasn’t been through enough being assaulted and having to walk through marches to get to court and everything else? I’d be afraid to go out in public after all the race hate these boys and their wannabe activist have caused. Shouldn’t we be protecting her all things considered? This woman needs to be able to provide for herself and find a way to go back to work after all of this insanity. Is it fair that the media only seems to want to publish pics of her face? Doucette needs to be further victimized with only her pic attached to this mess? Was she asked did she want to be the face of this story?

  • D. Trooper

    I was in the courtroom for all 7 hours not 5 and the rantings of SistahSouja are just that, rantings! The distorted reporting of the precedings are twisted to fit her race baiting activist needs to gain attention. It was brought to light that the two black men had apparently lied about the race and sexual orintation issues when in court they couldn’t remember what had been said or what they had said to the media! The outcome of this case had nothing to do with the color of their skin but the actions they took on a woman and her over indulged boyfriend. Both of their injuries were discussed in the precedings and even though Adams injuries were more severe, Doucettes injuries were also noted by the District Attorney and the report of the officer.
    Don’t buy into the racist hate spewed by SistaSoulja/wannabe activist. The report by Courtney Stuart is accurate of the court precedings. Virginia does not require a court reporter in Circuit Court hearings or misdemeanor trials so there is no court record to refer to so understand if you weren’t there, Ms. Stuarts version is the best reference anyone will have.
    SistaSoulja, you are either a disgrace to humanity for your self promoting hate speech or someone to be pitied for your delusional ranting. Your ignorant rantings do nothing but put race relations in our country in reverse and great men like Martin Luther King jr would be appalled by your existance.

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