Dominican man charged with manslaughter in death of Casey Schulman

Dominican man charged with manslaughter in death of Casey Schulman

Police in Dominica have arrested a man there in connection with the death of UVA fourth-year Casey Schulman, who was killed by a boat propeller while swimming during a Semester at Sea outing last December, according to multiple reports.

Andrew Armour, identified by the Associated Press as a hotel owner in Roseau, Dominica, was charged with manslaughter Thursday, according to Dominican News Online. He was allegedly operating the dive boat that backed over Schulman while she was snorkeling near a beach with friends, causing massive injuries.

Schulman, a 22-year-old international affairs student from Falls Church, pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Friends, classmates, and family remembered and mourned her in the weeks that followed. Last month, UVA’s Fourth-Year Trustees threw a memorial benefit concert on the Corner, raising money for J.E.B. Stuart Educational Foundation in Schulman’s name.

Armour runs the dive and whale-watching company that took Schulman and friends on a snorkeling excursion the day she was killed, according to local reports. Known as the “Whale Whisperer,” he has been profiled by the Daily Mail and other publications, which detailed his bond with a sperm whale he says he rescued as a calf.

Armour was not required to make a plea Thursday. He was granted bail, according to reports, and is expected back in court May 14.