Day nine: Is Java Java losing business?


And we thought everything was going so smoothly. But, for every day that’s sunshine and puppy dogs, there will be a few more that are profit losses and irritating noise.

Brick Watch ducked into Java Java this morning to beat the cold and, it turns out, a lot of other people are doing the same.

"People come in just to escape the noise or talk on their cell phones," says Java Java employee Anita Byers. Which wouldn’t be so bad…if the people coming in were also shelling out some dough. Adds her coworker, Sherie Lund, "Sales have been down."

Is this a temporary blip or a sign of things to come? We’ll probably have to wait to find out, but if the noise and dust—two things Byers says have contributed to the coffee shop’s losses—continue, it won’t be getting any better. Is it April yet?

As (sort of) promised, here’s a video. See for yourself how the noise might be a deterrent. If you ask us, it’s so irritating that a hot cup of joe might be nice.