Day four: Crews back in action

Day four: Crews back in action

The rebricking project may be ruining the aesthetic of the Downtown Mall, but for at least one retail store, it’s still business as usual.

“So far so good,” says Debbie Brewer, who works at The Mole Hole. “They’re doing such a good job, the way they’re doing it. Block by block.” Brewer says she hasn’t seen a change in foot traffic, and gives credit to the city for their planning efforts. “They have made it very accessible,” she says.

Currently, the construction crews are still located at the 200 block west (where Mole Hole owner, David Martin, is block captain), and the 200 block east (at Central Place), and the 400 block east. Barriers have been set up on nearly every other block at this point, though, in preparation for more demolition.

Only three men were working at the 400 block east at lunchtime, and none were doing the heavy lifting.