Day eight: Project still on time

Day eight: Project still on time

Good morning, fellow brick watchers! The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and the bricks are still coming up one by one. Brick Watch checked in with Barton Malow’s Chris Weatherford this morning to see how it’s going.

"We’re goin’!" he says. So far, the project is still on time. Right now, crews are working on installing a new fire hydrant at 200 block west (near the Omni), which the Fire Department requested to get better coverage on that end of the Mall.

Another brick picture for all you crazy brick fans.

Phase 2 (the phase we’re currently in) is winding down, and Weatherford says the beginning of Phase 3 might begin as early as the end of this week. "It’s not a block schedule," he says. "Phase 2 might bleed into Phase 3. …Phase 3 might begin early." Still to come this week, though, is a repointing of the runnels. Basically, runnels are the drain interiors, and to repoint them, the existing mortar has to be cut out and put back.

Weatherford says we’ll see some fences being moved and set up on other parts of the Mall later this week and into the next, and crews will begin putting bricks back.

Brick Watch would tell you to come back later today for a rippin’ brick video, but we gave you false hope on Friday and hate to make empty promises. Anything you’d like to see in a Brick Watch video? We hear there are cars driving through the Mall via First Street! Scandal!