Day 11: Dust in me


Mornin’, bricksters! Whether it’s a good morning is a different topic. Brick Watch was set to get a cup of coffee before work today but was nearly deterred by a looming cloud of dust at the west 200 block.

Turns out, the dust is a mixture of clay and sand and is a result of crews cutting the brick and mortar. Brick Watch wondered, is it harmful?

A construction worker tells us, "Nah, no different than sand at the beach." But it might be a good idea to keep your nose and mouth covered when passing by; prolonged exposure to any kind of particulate is hard on the lungs. The worker tells us, though, that the dust should be gone by the end of the week. Crews have also started to spray water to lessen the effects of their demolition.

In other news, this weekend will mark the official end of Phase 2 and crews are currently still located at the 200 blocks, east and west, the 400 block east, and at Central Place, where they’ve begun installing the new bricks (which are actually called "pavers").—With additional reporting by John Robinson