Day 10: Got questions?


We’re halfway through the last week of Phase 2 and folks around the C-VILLE office keep presenting Brick Watch with questions, which means that folks outside the office probably have questions too.

Brick Watch went to Joe Schinstock for a little Q&A session.

Brick Watch: First off, what’s that intimidating machine situated in front of the C-VILLE office? It has teeth!

Joe Schinstock: That’s a cutter head. It makes trenches in the slab for new electrical conduit. It cuts about five feet per minute. …I wouldn’t wanna be caught underneath it!

What will happen to the fountains? Will you work around them?

The fountains will be one of the last things done. They’re getting completely refurbished [with new equipment]

It’s getting pretty chilly. Is the cold weather going to have an effect on the exposed slab or pipes?

It is not. Actually, at the 400 east block, we’ve put up temporary plastic sheeting over the runnels [to protect from the cold].

What will happen with the statues, like the one of the man in front of Mudhouse?

They will remain. They’re embedded in the slab; we’re working around them.


Any other curiosities you have that Brick Watch hasn’t covered? Comment below!