Coran Capshaw married in private ceremony

Coran Capshaw. Photo by Ashley Twiggs. Coran Capshaw. Photo by Ashley Twiggs.

Charlottesville’s own entertainment emperor Coran Capshaw has tied the knot.

Capshaw, 54 and the founder of Red Light Management, married Parke Fontaine Eager, 44, on January 2 in what sources close to the family said was an intimate event at Capshaw’s Crozet home.

Little is known about the famously private Capshaw’s bride, who is a Virginia native. Good Housekeeping Magazine’s masthead includes a Parke Eager, listed as a regional advertising account manager.

According to their Albemarle County marriage license, issued December 28, local psychologist David B. Waters officiated the civil ceremony.

Besides being the creator of Red Light and Starr Hill Presents, founder of Musictoday, and co-founder of ATO Records, Capshaw controls numerous concert venues and pulls most of the strings in the Charlottesville music scene. He also holds title to a huge number of local properties, and is the money behind several Downtown restaurants, including Blue Light Grill, Positively 4th Street, Mono Loco, Ten, and Five Guys. 

His influence goes far beyond the city, too. He manages Dave Matthews Band—the group that started it all—as well as Tim McGraw, Phish, and others. Billboard named him No. 2 on its 2012 Power 100 list.


  • eagershaw

    nobody’s commenting, but everyone’s talking

  • Dahmius

    King Midas takes a bride. Yawn….

  • thebiggestfan

    I’m in the mood to screw for a melody. Say Hi! to Eager, Park-Hunt-Beaver-Fountain

  • proudest monkey

    it doesn’t matter if they’re married, dave you are a fucking stupid sob. he and patty g have been and always will. He LOVES patty and her music, every chance they get they are lying to whoever to increase their prominence. that is why this big announcement, when asked if she was the wife, she threatened to leave him professionally and personally. look it in the eye davey slavey. i think you must know it already.

  • playboy bunny

    so does this mean there is no hope for…US?

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