The Patio

 The back porch is part of American folk culture, and the wooden deck was popular in the late 1900s, but neither has the style and durability of a terrace. A transition between house and garden, a terrace allows French doors to open from the living spaces, promotes fresh air and sunlight, and provides an ideal […]

News & Views 3.22.2012

Literacy Volunteers Tutor Training Did you know there are 9,000 adults in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area who have difficulty reading anything more challenging then a picture book? Literacy Volunteers is recruiting volunteer tutors to donate their time to work with adults for approx 2 hours a week.  No teaching experience is required; you will be given […]

Turrets, Dormers & Cupolas

Turrets, Dormers & Cupolas

In his novel The Longest Journey, E. M. Forster makes a rare literary nod to architectural ornament. A naked boy climbs on the roof of a country house and shouts to those in the garden below: “Am I an acroterium?” The answer: “Yes, but they are unfashionable. Go in at once.” An acroterium (from Greek […]