Best of C-VILLE 2015: Services

Real estate agent Sasha Farmer Runner-up: Jamie White Honorable mention: Bob Hughes They say, once you step into a house, you know within 60 seconds whether or not you’re interested in making it your home. We wonder if the same can be said of hiring a realtor. It certainly seems that way for Sasha Farmer, who stays […]

Honesty is always the best policy at Airport Road Auto Center, where "reputation by recommendation" drives business. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Best of C-VILLE 2015: Entertainment

Music act Sons of Bill Runner-up: Love Canon Honorable mention: Chamomile & Whiskey They’ve been called Charlottesville “sonic royalty,” and nearly a decade after the Wilson brothers Sam, Abe and James formed the Americana band and named it in honor of their father, retired UVA theology professor William Wilson, they’re still going strong and gaining […]

Best of C-VILLE 2015: Food & Drink

Best of C-VILLE 2015: Food & Drink

Restaurant Mas Runner-up: The Local Honorable mention: Lampo We always thought “Mas” meant “more” in Spanish, until we realized it doesn’t have a crucial accent mark. Owner Tomas Rahal clues us in that’s it’s an abbreviation of his name—and a double entendre on “more.” Which makes sense, because the original tapas restaurant in town always makes […]