Dede Smith will not be getting a second term on City Council. File photo

Big money: Dede Smith voted out in high-dollars primary

In Charlottesville, incumbency is no guarantee of retaining a seat on City Council, even if you’re vice mayor. Just ask Meredith Richards, ousted by her own party in 2004, or Julian Taliaferro, who didn’t get the Dems’ nod in 2009. It happened again June 9, when Vice Mayor Dede Smith was edged out by Wes […]

A law enforcement officer and his wife said the inclusion of current events in a Black History Month program at Orange County High was inappropriate and that students should stick to celebrating Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. 

Outrage in Orange County: Black history program upsets cop

Orange is the new Black History Month flashpoint following a March 12 high school program titled “Black Lives Matter.” An anonymous deputy called the event “anti-police” and “political” in a Facebook message that went viral, and by Monday, March 16, parents were keeping their children home because of alleged threats of violence. Students at Orange […]