Becky Blanton became homeless by choice 10 years ago, but she didn’t realize the societal
and psychological ramifications she would experience. Today Blanton wants to help others in the same situation. Photo by Keith Alan Sprouse

New program guides homeless in starting their own businesses

Becky Blanton became invisible 10 years ago. She shared her story—how she went from working as a newspaper editor to living out of her van and eventually identifying as homeless—with her fellow entrepreneurs in a Community Investment Collaborative program in the fall of 2015. CIC runs a 16-week program for local entrepreneurs in Charlottesville, as […]

C-VILLE’s most-read stories of 2016

C-VILLE’s most-read stories of 2016

In honor of saying good-bye to 2016, here’s a rundown of the 16 most-read stories published on our website in the last year. Sole mates: Anthony Gill will rock Jordans for the big day Heroin overdose: Friends grieve 25-year-old’s death Sunny Ortiz of Widespread Panic on what’s next after 30 years Concealed-carry rattles some ACAC members Serve-yourself bar […]

Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters via Zuma Press

2016: the wild ride is almost over

So here’s the thing: There’s always going to be a worse year. 1347, when the bubonic plague erupted across Europe, beginning a pandemic that would eventually eliminate at least a third of the existent human population, is right up there. 1862, when the devastating charnel house of the American Civil War reached a destructive peak, […]