Will Tom Garrett’s support of Donald Trump help him in his 5th District race against Jane Dittmar?

Faraway, so close: What does the future hold?

Although it seems almost impossible to believe, this is the final column we will publish before the awesomely epic election of 2016. Yes, we will pen one more before the last votes are cast and counted, but it will not see the light of day until the polling places have closed, and the new president […]

Donald Trump now faces members of his own party, like Virginia’s U.S. Representative Barbara Comstock, calling for him to step aside.

Photo by: Amanda Maglione

Off the rails: The Trump train goes over a cliff

Wow. Just wow. We have been following politics for a very long time (too long, perhaps), and we honestly have never seen anything quite like the insane gyrations currently rocking the presidential race. We always knew that the triumph of Donald J. Trump over a field of hapless Republican losers in the primaries was going […]