U.S. Senate hopeful Corey Stewart’s campaign stunts included giving away an AR-15 at a gun range in 2016. In February 2017, he held a rally in Charlottesville in support of keeping the Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park.

A-list: Virginia’s GOP legislators stay NRA strong

It’s disappointing that the Virginia legislature didn’t see fit to advance even a sliver of new restrictions on guns, militias and racist, reactionary mayhem during the current session. Not a single bill drafted in response to August 12 made it through for consideration in the other chamber, nor did some 60 gun control-related bills. Plainly, […]

Six of the top 10 highest grossing movies in the U.S. last year were superhero fantasies, earning a tremendous sum of $2.29 billion in box office receipts. We’re desperate to live in these simply drawn stories, eager to watch a powerful guardian—no! the most powerful guardian of all!—rise from the rubble and set things right. But as Roxane Gay has put it so bluntly, in truth no one is coming to save us. Photo credit: Warner Bros

Power to the people: Getting off on the hero myth

“Catnip for reporters.” That’s how Metallica fan and Democratic newcomer Danica Roem described her winning campaign in Virginia’s 13th District last November. She is, after all, the transgender woman who defeated the anti-LGBT incumbent Bob Marshall. Nevermind that her platform was all about lines of stalled traffic and not lines outside bathroom stalls. The simple […]

The Martin Agency, the originator of the state’s famous “Virginia is for Lovers” campaign, was awarded two contracts from the Virginia Tourism Corporation the same day the Richmond Times-Dispatch published allegations of sexual harassment from 17 former Martin employees.

Can we have a word? Year-end doublespeak from state leaders

Three weeks ago on December 15, the Virginia Tourism Corporation awarded two contracts totaling $600,000 annually to the Martin Agency. The big dog of Richmond ad shops will be VA Tourism’s advertising agency of record. On the same day, the Richmond Times-Dispatch published allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace abuses at Martin from 17 […]