Delegate David Toscano is house minority leader. Photo by Delegate Mark Levine

Make the General Assembly great again

February 16 marked crossover, when each house in the General Assembly sends its bills to the other body. From the House of Delegates floor last week, House Minority Leader David Toscano chastised legislators who continue to try to curtail gay and transgender rights, saying such moves are bad for business, according to radio station WINA. […]

Mulberry Row, which runs for 1,000 feet alongside the main house at Monticello, was the center of slavery and plantation life at the home of Thomas Jefferson—he owned more than 600 slaves. Photo: Stephen Barling

History lessons: Former presidents’ homes aren’t shying away from their past with slavery

In his recollections, Israel Gillette, born into slavery on the Monticello plantation in 1800, recalled a striking conversation in 1824 between his master, Thomas Jefferson, and the visiting Marquis de Lafayette. Lafayette, who had served in the Revolutionary War as an extremely young American major general, was visiting the property with his son, George Washington […]