Mark Brown took over Yellow Cab of Charlottesville in 2012, and is worried that the 
newly-established Yellow Cab Company is creating confusion in the marketplace. Photo: John Robinson

How many Yellow Cabs can one town hold?

Tension is rising among Charlottesville’s already competitive cab drivers, especially now that UVA students, who make up the bulk of their business, are gone for the summer. You may have noticed a recent influx of cars on the road with the words Yellow Cab painted on the side, but look closely—the cars differ in color, […]

Photo: Jennifer Glass

The full Montpelier: Madison’s mansion gets its day in the sun

It’s 4pm on a Friday, and Matt Reeves hasn’t eaten lunch yet. But the salt-and-pepper-haired director of Montpelier’s archaeology department is bouncing off the walls of his rustic office on the southeast side of the 2,650 acre estate nestled in the rolling fields of Orange County. Reeves is ecstatic because his team of 11 full-time […]