Dana Monroe said she did not disregard a stopped school bus when a child was hit in Belmont.
Photo Martyn Kyle

School bus mom: Child hit back of her car

Dana Monroe said she could see the school bus at the top of the hill at Rives and Vine streets as she turned out of Ridgecrest Drive in Belmont. And when she felt something hit her car, she pulled over. Monroe was charged May 15 for disregarding a stopped school bus in an incident in […]

Vinegar Hill could not compete against the corporate muscle of the Regal Cinemas movie theater chain in a closed market.
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Light House Studio buys Vinegar Hill Theatre

Charlottesville’s iconic independent movie theater, Vinegar Hill, which has been shuttered for two years, has been sold to Light House Studio, a nonprofit that encourages young filmmakers, for $850,000. Light House initially was interested in the space as a rental. “Back in November, we realized in sort of an aha moment that we could put […]

Before the earthquake, Marli Gordon was trying to raise money to finish a school in Nepal.
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Report from Nepal: Local lives through aftershocks

Western Albemarle High grad Marli Gordon was walking through her impoverished Kathmandu neighborhood of Nayabazar on April 25 when she began to lose her balance. Screaming filled the streets as people ran from their houses, and Gordon instantly realized she was in the midst of an earthquake. “Pieces of bricks were falling off of houses […]