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In brief: Bavarian getaway, creepy clowns and more

City goes Wild West over weekend Three people were shot early October 1 in a Corner parking lot during a disorder, according to Charlottesville police. The wounds were non-life-threatening, and Lewis Alexander Tyree Jr., 23, was arrested as a felon in possession of a firearm. That same night, shots were reported at Crescent Halls on […]

More lights are going up at Zenith Quest’s facility on Route 151 in Nelson County.

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Night lights: Munitions company shines in Rockfish Valley

David Connolly used to gaze out the windows of his Afton Mountain home and see twinkling lights and the occasional headlight in the valley below. That was before Zenith Quest International “fired up the lights,” he says, of its already controversial, 84,000-square-foot firearms and ammunition distribution warehouse smack in the middle of Nelson County’s scenic […]