Former mayor Dave Norris urges the city to stop kicking the can forward and resolve the Water Street Parking Garage morass once and for all.
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Parking garage ‘soap opera’ leads city to reject Brown’s offer

Mayor Mike Signer and City Councilor Kathy Galvin insist there is nothing personal in the city’s dispute with Mark Brown over control of the Water Street Parking Garage. In meetings with reporters July 6 after the city rejected Charlottesville Parking Center’s June 24 proposed settlement of the escalating controversy over the fate of the garage the city co-owns with Brown, […]

Since 2011, Charlottesville police say there have been 10 reported criminal incidents on the Rivanna Trail. Three of those were attacks at Jordan Park, where this sign is located. Staff photo

Pay attention: Staying safe on the Rivanna Trail

By Rebecca Bowyer Within the last six months, there have been three reported cases of sexual assault along the Rivanna Trail in Charlottesville. The attacks have led some to wonder—just how safe is it to run, walk or hike the 20-mile trail? Although normally rare, attacks along some portions of the trail aren’t unheard of. […]