People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals believe the conditions at Natural Bridge Zoo are unacceptable and wish for the zoo to be closed for good. Photo courtesy of Peta

Zoo investigation: Activists aim to shut it down for good

The July 1 killing of the now-famous lion, Cecil, sparked a global outcry. Even away from Zimbabwe where Cecil was killed, or Minnesota where his killer resides, the rest of the world has followed constant media coverage and taken to social media to mourn or shame or defend Cecil’s killer. A local animal rights controversy […]

Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

The night shift

The loneliest hours It’s 1am, and you’re starving but you got nothin’ in your fridge. It’s 2am and your baby’s spiked a 105 degree temperature. It’s 4am and you hear a scraping sound on your window. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’re very grateful for the folks who work while the rest of […]