Delegates Steve Landes and David Toscano applaud increased spending for education, but disagree on how Medicaid should be used to provide health care.


Winners and losers: The General Assembly is adjourned

Legislators in Richmond ended the General Assembly session one day early after passing a record $105 billion biennial budget March 11 and sending it to Governor Terry McAuliffe. Both sides of the aisle praise its passage, while regretting the what-might-have-beens. McAuliffe didn’t get the Medicaid expansion he wanted—again—but he commends the oft-contentious legislature for investing […]

Diane Berlin, who leads the Pantops Walkability Committee, says a pedestrian bridge over Route 250 at Rolkin Road would be safer for walkers and ease traffic, too. Staff photo

Committee advocates for Pantops pedestrian bridge

The Pantops Walkability Committee is hosting its first community meeting to discuss the need for a pedestrian bridge over Route 250 at Rolkin Road. The committee, under the leadership of Diane Berlin, hopes retailers and residents in the Pantops area will support their vision for the proposed bridge, which would follow the Pantops master plan and make the area […]