“We need better tools to determine when people should be cleared to return to play,” said Dr. Jason Druzgal, a neuroradiologist.

Health issue 2014: UVA studies impact of concussions in young athletes

This story is part of our 2014 health issue, which also includes articles on mammography, rhabdomyolysis, and gluten intolerance. Helmet? Check. Shoulder pads? Check. Tiny biometric brain injury sensor? Check. You won’t see the quarter-sized computerized devices tucked behind their ears, but more than 100 local high school and college athletes are donning the sensors […]

Jackson-Via students respond to questions asked by a representative from the Museum of Frontier Culture. Photo: Tim Shea

Education Beat: Delegate seeks shift in state funding for schools

Legislation to change the state funding formula for Charlottesville and Albemarle’s education budgets has been introduced again before the General Assembly in Richmond. The proposed budget amendment, known as the “Bell Amendment” and named after its patron, local Republican Delegate Rob Bell, would take the two communities’ 1982 revenue sharing agreement into account when calculating […]