A generation grew up knowing only the skeleton of Café No Problem. The county, after issuing a stop-work order in 1995, has given the go-ahead for a new 4,000-square-foot restaurant.
Photo: Amanda Maglione

Demolished: Historic eyesore eatery spot gets new day

For more than 20 years, a gutted structure at the intersection of U.S. 250 and 240 near Crozet has stood in mute testimony to the collision of county regulations and an entrepreneurial dream. That era ended June 7, when the remaining shell came down. Current owner Bill McKechnie estimates all traces will be removed by […]

A volunteer finishes laying out a photograph on the western wall of the Landmark Hotel.

Landmark Hotel boasts a new look

The west side of the Downtown Mall’s Landmark Hotel has a new look. Thanks to the work of Dysturb, “a community of freelance photojournalists who place current international journalism in public spaces,” and the Magnum Foundation, a nonprofit photojournalist organization, the wall now sports images depicting climate change from around the world. The movement, entitled […]