Nicole Eramo, left, leaves the courthouse after a jury found in her favor, with her attorneys Tom Clare, Andy Phillips and LIbby Locke. Photo Eze Amos

Judgment day: Jury rules in Eramo’s favor

As soon as the clerk in federal court read the first verdict finding actual malice in Nicole Eramo’s defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Erdely, the UVA administrator crumpled against her attorney. And as the clerk went on to read more than two dozen statements upon which the jury had to decide in the […]

Jury deliberates for third day in Rolling Stone trial

Jury deliberates for third day in Rolling Stone trial

The waiting game continues Friday for Nicole Eramo, Sabrina Erdely and Rolling Stone deputy managing editor Sean Woods, along with their lawyers, support staff and the media as Day 16 in Eramo’s defamation lawsuit trial against the magazine begins and the jury deliberates for a third day. The jury will decide whether Rolling Stone acted with […]

The latest act of hate speech graffiti at UVA, the word “terrorist” written in pencil outside two Muslim students’ dorm room, is the third this year. Courtesy UVA’s Middle Eastern Leadership Council

Graffiti on Grounds: UVA condemns hate speech—again

Hate speech graffiti has marred the walls of several UVA buildings this semester. The most recent case of vandalism came to light Sunday when graffiti was discovered in Brown Residential College. According to an e-mail sent to students Monday morning from Dean of Students Allen Groves, the word “terrorist” was scribbled with an arrow pointing […]