Charlottesville’s downtown

Charlottesville’s downtown

Downtown Charlottesville is a unique combination of historic properties and a lively contemporary pedestrian mall, one of the few of its kind that continues to thrive after years of operation.  Downtown also offers employment opportunities, as well as some of the area’s best restaurants and entertainment venues, a combination of critical factors that make living […]

All photos: Aaron Watson

At first sight: An elegant, easy-going day to remember

Candice Cloos said she met Patrick Haney the old-fashioned way: “in a dive bar.” Truth be told, she was trying to disentangle herself from a conversation with another man, when she noticed Patrick and shouted, “There you are!” “Without missing a beat, he played along that we knew each other, and we spent the next […]

All photos: Laura Gordon

A little romance: How sweet this celebration is

Although they didn’t know it at the time, Katie Castillo and William Deibler spent their high school years in houses just a few miles away from each other. But it wasn’t until Katie had graduated from the University of Virginia and moved back home that mutual friends introduced her to William. A few months into […]