Habitat for Humanity Benefits Entire Community

Habitat for Humanity Benefits Entire Community

By Marilyn Pribus – What’s the best thing about Habitat for Humanity? “My children have a place,” declares Sheron Sinclair, a Habitat homeowner for more than two years. Habitat for Humanity® of Greater Charlottesville is all about having a place. In more than 25 years of homebuilding, this remarkable effort has constructed more than 170 […]

pouring red wine glass

Virginia Wine: Finding Its Own Identity

By Ken Wilson –  It’s no novelty anymore, no curiosity, no fledgling with promise. Virginia wine—more than 6.6 million bottles in 2016—has found its identity and found its fans. It may have taken a few decades—or a couple of centuries counting Jefferson’s aborted attempts—but the local vino is making us proud, and making the state […]

Cider with three sorts of apple, isolated on white

Cider Makes a Comeback

By Ken Wilson –  It was a staple of the Colonial diet, the most common drink in 18th and early 19th century America. Thomas Jefferson grew two varieties of apples, Hewes’ Crab and Taliaferro, especially suited for making it, and served it with the main course. And then, on American shores, it all but disappeared. […]