Photo: John Robinson

K&F: Grit’s new dessert bar is a sweet menu addition

The only thing better than one dessert? A whole assortment of desserts. Grit recently added cakes, brûlées and tarts to the coffee shop’s menu of small plates. Currently only available at the Stonefield location (and only on weekends), the bite-sized selection will pair with the restaurant’s heavily curated beer, wine and cocktail program. “We’re focused on […]

The Fitzroy's street corn off the cob. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

K&F: Side dishes worth building a meal around

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the unsung culinary heroes, shall we? The sweet potato casserole so often overshadowed by the turkey. The tricolore salad pushed aside to make room for the pulled pork. Side dishes are so much more than fillers. Plus, cobbling together a meal out of sides is often less expensive than […]

The Salad Maker's Earlysville salad. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

K&F: Six salads we can’t leaf alone

Craving something fresh and green on your lunch break? These six spots boast a robust mix of ingredients—including local leafy greens. Now you just have to kick your bad habit of eating lunch at your desk. The Earlysville The Salad Maker The newest addition to Charlottesville’s local salad scene, The Salad Maker’s Earlysville combines romaine, […]