Photo: Jen Fariello

A horse, of course

Shortly after she learned to talk, Molly Streit announced that she wanted to take horseback riding lessons. “I made the rule that she couldn’t ride until she was 5,” her mother, Meghan, said. “The day after she turned 5, she took her first lesson.” Molly is now 7 years old, and has been riding her […]

What's in and out (behavior-wise) at local playgrounds. Photo: James Hall

Playground etiquette: Quaint oxymoron or the rules of civilized society?

Is there a commonly accepted “playground etiquette?” Or are playgrounds a lawless land ruled by barbaric, screaming bullies and their diaper-clad children? Thinking back, wistfully, to my own children’s blissful playground days, I see images of radiant, round-faced, sun-screened toddlers, squealing with glee as they run, slide, and swing. Wait! Has the ether of time […]