Architect Richard Williams designed Matthew and Barbara Black's home "from the inside out." Photos: Stephen Barling

From the inside out: Interior life defines a Rappahannock home

It is commonplace for architects to speak of “bringing the outside in”—usually via plentiful glass and a toolkit of other tricks. When Richard Williams describes his firm’s design process on a Rappahannock County home, that familiar goal—connecting inhabitants to the landscape—takes on an unusual cast. “On our first site visit,” he said of his clients, […]

"The garden grows from the home," said landscape designer Cole Burrell about this Albemarle County project. Photos: Simon Holt

Parts and whole: Design makes this property bloom

To Cole Burrell, landscape designer, a garden is an extension of a house. “There’s a million styles and a million vocabularies,” he said, “but none makes any sense unless it makes sense with the house.” One of his Albemarle projects illustrates that principle with a garden that seems to spring organically from the spirit of […]