project of wooden house

What you need to know about bids and estimates

New construction or remodeling projects can be exciting, but also intimidating. What to build? What permits are required? How much will it cost?  How can I protect myself? How can I find a contractor I can trust? The Virginia Department of Occupation and Professional Regulation is a particularly useful resource in this area. Their detailed […]

Father and son floating on inner tubes

Get in the swim with an above-ground pool

Being able to jump into a back-yard pool during the summer is a wonderful perk for many people, especially if you have children on summer vacation and family and friends who come for the occasional cook-out. In-ground pools can be lovely additions, however they are expensive to install and maintain and they are definitely permanent. […]

Charlottesville: top ten mountain town

Charlottesville: top ten mountain town

Last year, Travel & Leisure included Charlottesville as #9 on its list of America’s Top Ten Mountain Towns. Not surprising. Most of us feel that subtle gravitational tug of the Blue Ridge to our west, relishing that blue mountain horizon visible for miles. Many of us succumb to the call of the mountains for recreation, […]