Photo: Elli WIlliams

Gloria Rockhold: Civic butterfly

Tango is the dance of passion: a gendered, structured improvisation of impossible closeness with fluid patternings that prioritize expression and intimacy, and the result of the collision of European and American cultures at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. Maybe it’s no surprise then, that Gloria Rockhold, co-founder of the Charlottesville Tango Society, […]

Photo: Elli Williams

Kai Rady: The big kid

When Kai Rady came to Charlottesville in 1974 with her growing family, her first real challenge wasn’t finding the right schools or dealing with a picky eater—it was a lack of toy stores. Rady said her first child was a very active and curious infant. “I was always looking for new things to stimulate him,” […]

Photo: Billy Hunt

Carlos Pezua: Maestro

“I was working as a substitute teacher in an eighth grade science class while I was also taking my medical school prerequisites at UVA. There was no lesson plan for class one day, so I looked out the window to see if I could find a science project for us to do. And I said […]