In the renovated Signature Financial office space on Water Street, the hallway provides "jewel-box views to the staff, while inviting shared sunlight into the hallway," said architect Maggie Schubert. Photo: Christian Hommel

Design that works: History lives in a modern workspace

There’s no architectural union more typically Charlottesville than the marriage of new and old. And the project of marrying a historical legacy to a fresh, modern sensibility isn’t limited to the residential world. At the Water Street offices of Signature, a financial management firm, past and present combine in an upscale office that honors its […]

The Juice Laundry owner Mike Keenan presses fresh, organic pineapple for the next batch of juices. Photo: Elli Williams

Juice junky: Three days, 21 bottles, zero solid food

Last week I gave up all solid food for three days. I never realized the vital role that chewing played in my life until I didn’t do it for 72 hours. For three days, with some help from The Juice Laundry, I ignored the office lunchtime aromas of take-out pizza and leftover chicken stir-fry. I […]