Watching a pet age both physically and mentally is never easy, but local veterinarian Mike Fietz advises owners to be proactive.  File photo

Fading memories: Coping with senility in aging pets

Pets, just like their human caretakers, face a great variety of health problems as they age. The physical sorts, while awful in their own right, seem easier for us to grasp. There is a sad kind of sense to it. The aches and pains, blindness and deafness, organ dysfunction—we recognize these as the unavoidable price […]

Renowned sushi chef Yoshihiro Tauchi and his wife Yukiko opened Kokoro Sushi Japanese Restaurant last December, and are serving up classic Japanese food for lunch and dinner. Photo: Elli Williams

At Kokoro, sushi lovers are in good hands

Often when I eat out, I ask if the chefs would make whatever they like. While the request can perplex some servers, a little persistence can usually have it delivered to the kitchen. I figure that no one has a more reliable opinion of a restaurant’s food than those who prepare it. The Japanese have […]