Training cats is easy when you speak their language and appeal to their motivations. Photo: File photo

Teaching cats to see it your way

I suppose there’s no good time for a cat to pee in your bed, but two in the morning is particularly objectionable. Wrested from sleep by the noxious mess saturating my sock, I resigned myself to a bleary-eyed bout of laundry and mattress cleaning. This wasn’t the first time, and I needed a better solution than […]

Celebrate the Habitat Store's 13th birthday, join the community in meditation for Common Grounds Sit-a-thon and enjoy food, wine and music at Wineappalooza. Photo: Courtesy of LOOK3

Living Picks: To-do this week

Family     The Habitat Store’s 13th birthday Bring your family for live music, food trucks, special sales and kids activities on the front porch in celebration of 13 years of donors, customers and volunteers. Saturday 6/11. Free, 9am-5pm. The Habitat Store, 1221 Harris St. 293-6331. Nonprofit LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph Join festivalgoers in celebrating the […]