Last week, the owners of MADabolic, Tru Pilates, and Opal Yoga came together to lead MADrave, an intense 90-minute workout, complete with body paint and glow sticks. Photo courtesy MADabolic

MADrave: Boutique fitness facilities join forces for fun

It’s 9pm on Saturday, and I’m finally catching my breath. I’ve got glow sticks tied around my ponytail, hot pink face paint smeared on my cheeks, and sweat dripping down my nose. I do as I’m told and push my forearms against the wall, leaning deeper into a lunge position to stretch my calves. The […]

Persian Collins at Parallel 38. Photo: Emily Morone.

Barventure: A practical guide to drinking in C’ville

We sipped our way across town for our bar guide issue, and while we now have a pretty impressive headache, it was worth it to bring you the best in local booze. Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our choose-your-own-adventure-style bar guide and some behind-the-scenes tips for imbibing from us and […]