Jason Ring merges jazz with classic bluegrass at The Whiskey Jar on Saturday. Photo: Alan Grossman

ARTS Pick: Jason Ring

Growing up in southwestern Virginia with no shortage of bluegrass influences to choose from, Jason Ring didn’t see the need to pick just one. Since the age of 5, Ring has been putting his own twist on the blues using the fast, smooth scat of his “mouth trumpet” and flaming fingers on guitar, banjo, mandolin, […]

Maria Gracia (formerly of El Tepeyac) approves of the authentic Mexican cuisine at The Bebedero. Photo: Tom McGovern

The Bebedero evokes the true flavors of Mexico

Comedian Jim Gaffigan claims that Mexican restaurants seem to take the same combination of ingredients and repackage them under different names. Tortillas, cheese, meat and vegetables, he says, combine to form nachos, tacos, burritos, chimichangas and more. At many so-called Mexican restaurants, this is sadly true, giving Mexican food an undeserved reputation as slop to […]