Locally, both BBQ Exchange (owner Craig Hartman pictured) and Brian Ashworth’s Ace Biscuit & Barbecue are doing Virginia barbecue right says author Joe Haynes. Photo by Eric Kelley

Author traces rich history of Virginia barbecue

Barbecue is like religion. There are many different styles—Texas, North Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis—and people tend to think that their way is the right way, the best way. People argue over which is most delicious, the original, the one true barbecue. For years, “every time we’d say we do Virginia barbecue at our restaurant, people […]

Ayran is an all-natural drink made with Greek yogurt, salt, dried mint and water. Photo courtesy Claudia Hanna

Say no to the sweet stuff when quenching your thirst

We’ve all heard it before: We need to replace all those lost electrolytes with…a sugar-infused “sports” drink (whatever that means)? But there is a healthier alternative to that sugar-laden drink that those in the West consider critical in replacing all those lost electrolytes. Before we begin, though, let’s break down the story of electrolytes. According […]