Photo: Christian Hommel

Charles McRaven: Renaissance man

Charles “Mac” McRaven sits in the basement of a house he built, flipping through a book he wrote about a trade he’s mastered. As the 78-year-old master craftsman describes his work in a smooth Arkansas drawl, he radiates energy, passion, and wisdom gained over a half-century in the field. Among the country’s preeminent stonemasons, builders, […]

Photo: Ian Nichols

Chicho Lorenzo: Art with a smile

“Chicho wears many hats here,” says BON’s proprietor John Noble, and there are certainly many hats to wear and jobs to do at the recently opened café, art gallery, and event venue in the Pink Warehouse. “Chicho does it all, from developing the space, coordinating featured artists, booking events, pursuing vendors…” What is most remarkable […]

Photo: Ian Nichols

Erika Proctor: To the animal rescue

In the 13 years since she’s been an animal behavior specialist, Erika Proctor has fostered 387 animals—and she’s only kept three for herself. The founder of nonprofit organization Green Dogs Unleashed, Proctor realized how little is known about therapy dogs, so in 2007 she began establishing the Troy-based business to rescue special needs animals, rehabilitate […]