Photo: Jackson Smith

Jess Martin: Superfan

We all know that fan—the one who can rattle off concerts dates and set lists, detailing the lineup, the between-song banter, and even the attire of her favorite band or musician. Jess Martin is of that tribe. The 30-year-old Charlottesville resident has more concerts under her belt than some aging rock stars, and she’s just […]

Photo: Christian Hommel

Jim Rounsevell: If he builds it…

Jim Rounsevell is after architecture deeply rooted in place, built “for our time with what we have, with care, and with discipline.” His commitment to aesthetics, design, and a progressive future for our city can often lead him to be, admittedly, “that crazy, passionate person in any given city planning meeting.” Rounsevell graduated  with a […]

Photo: Elli Williams

Kai Rady: The big kid

When Kai Rady came to Charlottesville in 1974 with her growing family, her first real challenge wasn’t finding the right schools or dealing with a picky eater—it was a lack of toy stores. Rady said her first child was a very active and curious infant. “I was always looking for new things to stimulate him,” […]