Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best sandwich spot 2013: Bodo’s Bagels

Bodo’s Bagels 505 Preston Ave. 293-5224 1609 University Ave. 293-6021 1418 Emmet St. N 977-9598 Runner-up: Bluegrass Grill & Bakery 313 Second St. SE #105 295-9700 The most important meal of your day, breakfast is not to be taken lightly. Readers know Bodo’s is the best way to break the fast, offering up a […]

Photo: Justin Ide

Best steak 2013: Downtown Grille

Downtown Grille 201 W. Main St. 817-7080 Runner-up: Aberdeen Barn 2018 Holiday Dr. 296-4630 Necessity is the mother of invention. For Henry Ford, inventor of the gas-powered vehicle, that necessity was finding a way to turn a profit on the wood scraps used in the production of his Model A. With some help […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best French fries 2013: Five Guys

Five Guys 321 E. Main St. 293-2847 Barracks Road Shopping Center 975-4897 201 Connor Dr. 963-4897 Runner-up: Citizen Burger Bar 212 E. Main St. 979-9944 In 1998, Burger King went fry-to-fry against McDonald’s to see who served the best spuds. The debate was never truly settled (though Burger King did end up giving […]