Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best Italian 2013: tavola

tavola 826 Hinton Ave. 972-9463 Runner-up: Bella’s 707 W. Main St. 327-4833 Here’s a cultural difference our waistlines are thankful for: The average person in Italy eats 51 pounds of pasta each year, whereas the average person in North America eats 15. Of course, these two spots make it very hard to keep […]

Photo: John Robinson

Best beer selection 2013: Beer Run

Beer Run 156 Carlton Rd. #203 984-2337 Runner-up: Blue Mountain Brewery 9519 Critzer Shop Rd. (Afton) (540) 456-8020 With seven breweries in the immediate area, it’s clear we live in a beer town—and Beer Run is no exception. It’s the one spot you can get it all and then some. At Blue Mountain […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best noodle soup 2013: Revolutionary Soup

Revolutionary Soup 105 14th St. NW 979-9988 108 Second St. SW 296-7687 Runner-up: Moto Pho Co. 511 W. Main St. 293-6685 A most interesting No. 1 choice, readers. Rev Soup isn’t necessarily known for its noodle soup, unless you count the chicken noodle that occasionally graces the menu. Still, we can’t argue with […]