Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best sushi 2013: Ten

Ten 120 E. Main St. 295-6691 Runner-up: Now & Zen 202 Second St. NW 971-1177 About 80 percent of the world’s bluefin tuna catch is used for sushi—and we’re not surprised. You’ll find many varieties of it on the menu at Ten. Maguro, Chu Toro, or Oh Toro are just three of the available […]

Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Best restaurant wine list 2013: C&O

C&O 515 Water St. E 971-7044 Runner-up: Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar 422 E. Main St. 202-7728 When a champagne cork pops out of the bottle, it reaches a speed of around 40mph. Coincidentally, that’s also how fast readers decide they’d like a glass of vino with their entrée—and C&O makes it easy with […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best tacos 2013: Guadalajara

Guadalajara 3450 Seminole Trail #101 977-2677 805 E. Market St. 977-2676 2206 Fontaine Ave. 979-2424 395 Greenbrier Dr. 978-4313 108 Town Country Ln. 293-3358 Runner-up: Continental Divide 811 W. Main St. 984-0143 Runner-up: La Michoacana (tie) 1138 E. High St. 409-9941 When people say such-and-such is the greatest thing since sliced bread, they should […]