Photo: Sarah Jane Winter

Best bartender 2013: Nick Crutchfield

Nick Crutchfield at Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar Runner-up: Amanda Wood at Zocalo Tom Arnold, Sandra Bullock, Bill Cosby, Chevy Chase, and Bruce Willis were all bartenders before they got famous. We can’t be sure of Nick or Amanda’s acting prowess, but one thing’s certain: When it comes to pouring a tall one in this town, […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best kebobs 2013: Sticks Kebob Shop

Sticks Kebob Shop 917 Preston Ave. 295-5262 1820 Abbey Rd. 295-5212 Runner-up: Ariana Grill Kabob House 909 W. Main St. 872-9906 The Turkish words shish kabob literally mean “skewer” and “roast meat.” You can’t get much simpler than that, but, there’s hardly anything simple about readers’ love of kebobs. In fact, it’s so […]