Photo: Will Kerner

Best community theater 2013: Live Arts

Live Arts 123 Water St. SE 977-4177 Runner-up: Four County Players 5256 Governor Barbour St. (Barboursville) (540) 832-5355 The idea of “community theater” too often conjures images of wannabe stars performing on hack-job sets. Unless, of course, you’re talking about our community. Here, we’re lucky enough to get legit productions with talented local […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best sports bar 2013: Boylan Heights

Boylan Heights 102 14th St. NW 984-5707 Runner-up: Citizen Burger Bar 212 E. Main St. 979-9944 In “The Simpsons,” it’s “Moe’s Tavern.” In “Cheers,” it was, well, Cheers. In Charlottesville, say readers, the best place to go where everyone knows your name to watch the game and grab a beer is Boylan Heights. […]

Photo: Ron Dressel

Best local photographer 2013: Jen Fariello

Jen Fariello Runner-up: Sarah Cramer-Shields It must be nice to see the world through the eyes of Jen Fariello. It seems every frame she captures is more beautiful than the last, which is why readers voted the wedding and lifestyle photographer into the top slot this year. Sarah Cramer-Shields, who for the past […]