Traditional Irish song and dance hits some high notes when the Women of Ireland take it on the road.

ARTS Pick: Women of Ireland

Prepare for St. Patrick’s Day with an evening of traditional Irish song and dance as former Riverdance members and a number of other talented dancers make up the Women of Ireland. The all-female lineup performs iconic steps to enchanting Celtic vocals by a sisterly trio from County Kerry, Ireland. Special guest Anthony Fallon, a four-time world champion […]

Frank Riccio's piece is one of the visual works
produced for the interpretation of the short story “This is How
You Open a Pomegranate.”

Ten locals interpret written work through visual art

When FIREFISH Gallery co-curators Araxe Hajian and Sigrid Eilertson brainstormed concepts for their next collaborative project, they decided to flip the script. Rather than host a visual art show that invited verbal interpretation, they decided to ask visual artists to interpret Hajian’s short story “This is How You Open a Pomegranate.” “I didn’t see this […]