Sian Richards breaks away from her twin played by Kara McLane Burke in the original production of The Convolution of Pip and Twig at Live Arts. Photo: Will May

ARTS Pick: The Convolution of Pip and Twig

Observing the fantastic world of The Convolution of Pip and Twig, it’s as if you’ve stepped through the looking glass and into a children’s pop-up book. The minimal, vibrant set uses low tech manipulations, visual metaphor and physical magic to tell a story almost entirely without words, and Performer’s Exchange Project members Sian Richards and […]

The rockin’ techno band ArcAttack will prove that everything about science is awesome at the Paramount on Sunday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: ArcAttack

The creators of the original singing Tesla coils are ready to blind you with science at ArcAttack. Backed by a robotic drummer, the group of high-tech rock wizards creates a musical spectacle by generating electrical arcs—each reaching up to 12 feet long—that act as instruments, creating synthesizer-like sounds. It’s part rock concert, part science experiment as the […]