Mike Doughty, former frontman for Soul Coughing, plays Thursday, January 12, at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall.

ARTS Pick: Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty’s recent move to Memphis may have inspired the self-described “lonesome country” aspect of The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns. The album’s trap beats, however, speak to the influence of his longtime collaboration with New York hip-hop producer Good Goose, who contributed remotely via the Internet. Always willing to explore (see 2015’s biblical […]

Seth Swingle shows off his mastery of the kora Friday, January 13, at C’ville Coffee. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Seth Swingle

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to witness a master of the kora, a lute-like harp formed with cowskin stretched over half of a large gourd. After a Fulbright scholarship sent Seth Swingle to Mali, he spent years mastering the unique instrument, capable of producing mesmerizing bass lines and harmonies. In addition, […]

Constant touring and a hot new album position South Carolina’s SUSTO for a breakout year. The band performs at the Southern on Tuesday, January 17. Publicity photo

SUSTO balances its genre through personal narrative

Charleston, South Carolina-based SUSTO’s forthcoming album kicks off with all the Western swagger you’d expect from a group most commonly tasked with the alt-country moniker. But just over a minute into the opening track, “Far Out Feeling,” it becomes evident that this is no standard foray into dive bars and backwoods. As the chorus hits, […]