With a decade of success behind him, Amos Lee brings his straight up, old school folk and blues to the Paramount on Tuesday.

ARTS Pick: Amos Lee

Amos Lee has come a long way from his start as an open mic night fixture in smoke-filled Philadelphia bars. These days he can be found sharing the stage, and holding his own, alongside songwriting royals like Bob Dylan and Dave Matthews. The second grade teacher turned indie rock chart-topper has been to the mountaintop […]

Millicent Young’s “Not Known [(un)furl],” composed of grapevine and horse hair is currently on view in her show “Known/Not Known” at Chroma.

Millicent Young seeks a new mythology through primordial totems

I was completely captivated by Millicent Young’s radiant show at Chroma Projects. Composed of horsehair and found wood, Young’s work thrums with nature and speaks to ancient mysteries that our modern selves can only dimly grasp. “The known, the unknown, and the unknowable is a trinity that has been with me a very long time,” […]