Pat Hazell takes on the icons of a 1970s American childhood in his one-man show, The Wonder Bread Years. ©2010 Andy Snow

ARTS Pick: The Wonder Bread Years

Former “Seinfeld” writer Pat Hazell stars in The Wonder Bread Years, a fast-paced production that rides the line between stand-up and theater. The nationally touring one-man show is steeped in nostalgia from Eskimo Pies and lawn darts to kids at the dinner table and sitting in the back of a Country Squire station wagon. It’s […]

Legendary guitarist and former member of the Eagles and James Gang, Joe Walsh cranks it up on Saturday at the Pavilion. (publicity image)

ARTS Pick: Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh started his career in bars and clubs as a solo act before James Gang showcased his guitar chops on a national level with “Funk #49.” In 1975, Walsh joined the Eagles, where he helped transform the rock music scene with the release of Hotel California, his first album with the band. Walsh says […]

Jason Bourne provides little onscreen evidence to justify the return of leading man Matt Damon (above) and director Paul Greengrass. (UNIVERSAL PICTURES)

Film Review: Jason Bourne

A key element of the Bourne franchise’s endurance is the thrill of watching amnesiac super-spy Jason Bourne run headfirst into his past with nothing more than his skills and a belief there is an answer somewhere in the darkness. The Bourne Ultimatum—the third film in what we can now safely say should have remained a trilogy—ended […]