Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky takes a violent approach to tell the epic story of Noah, starring Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe’s woeful heroism can’t save Noah

Forget all of the hype surrounding Noah. What really matters is whether the movie is any good. It isn’t. To paraphrase Edward Burns, it is dull, dreary, dry and a bore. Noah—and by implication its director and co-screenwriter Darren Aronofsky—can’t decide whether it’s a big head trip (an Aronofsky specialty) or an action picture or […]

Joseph Holston's "Colors, Angels, Forms" can be seen at Warm Springs Gallery this month.

April First Fridays Guide

First Fridays is a monthly art event featuring exhibit openings at many Downtown art galleries and additional exhibition venues. Several spaces offer receptions. Listings are compiled in collaboration with Piedmont Council for the Arts. To list an exhibit, please send information two weeks before opening to First Fridays: April 4, 2014 BON 100 W. […]

Martin Hayes,  John Doyle, and Kevin Crawford perform with Paddy Keenan (not pictured).

ARTS Pick: The Teetotalers

It may seem ironic that an Irish band would name itself The Teetotalers, but the name makes sense as soon as the tranquil and sobering melodies start flowing from the band’s fiddles and guitars. The trio is led by Paddy Keenan, a legendary Irish musician who has dedicated his life to the preservation of classical […]