Kristina Warren performs solo on the Abacus, a next-generation musical instrument she designed. Photo by Amy Jackson

Composer Kristina Warren channels vocal technology into art

The human voice is an extraordinary thing. Even the softest, quietest sound is no small feat to produce. Here’s how it works: The lungs pump air through the trachea (windpipe) and into the larynx, where the vocal cords are located. The air makes the vocal folds—multilayered folds of tissue—vibrate, and they alternately trap and release […]

Anne Hathaway (above) and Jason Sudekis give compelling performances in Colossal, one of the strangest storylines to hit screens this year. Courtesy of Neon

Colossal turns odd comedic plot into dramatic gold

Everything about Colossal is a pleasant surprise. From its cute premise carrying actual dramatic weight, to every moment it made the choice to be better instead of safer, to the revelation of Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo demonstrating that his brand of humor and metaphor needs no further translation, it is difficult to recall a film […]

The daylong celebration highlights the fruits of collaboration, as it welcomes new enrollees who prepare to carry historically relevant art forms forward. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase

Each spring in central Virginia a unique handoff takes place at the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase. After nine months of learning from the best in their respective fields, students graduate with skills and a deep appreciation for traditional music, food and crafts such as Hindustani vocals, square dance calling, paper sculpture and Cambodian costume-making. The […]