Congratulations to Max Miss Everything, who was crowned Miss Gay Charlottesville Pride 
at Sunday’s pageant at the Jefferson. She’ll be performing this Saturday at the Cville Pride Festival, alongside dozens of other entertainers. Photo by Jackson Smith

ARTS Picks: Cville Pride Festival

All events, part of the Cville Pride Festival, take place at the Sprint Pavilion, 700 E. Main St. Singer-Songwriter Showcase 1-2pm It takes a certain amount of moxie for a musician to get on stage, armed with only an acoustic guitar and a voice—no tricks, no smoke, no mirrors—and perform his or her own […]

Sweet Tooth’s Kevin Davis, Greg Sloan, Paige Naylor and Ryan Maguire express their feelings on the band’s new, yet-to-be-named EP, due in October. Get a live preview at The Bridge on Friday, or the encore at Trash House on Gordon Avenue later that evening. Photo by Tom Daly

The magical, emotional orbit of Sweet Tooth

On a recent weeknight, rainy and surprisingly chilly for early September, the four members of Sweet Tooth set up their instruments in the warm red and violet lights of the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. The venue’s small stage couldn’t contain Sweet Tooth—there’s a drum kit, a guitar, two amplifiers, four synthesizers, four microphones and a […]

ARTS Pick: Miss Gay Charlottesville Pride Pageant

Don your best duds and get in the spirit as Miss Dreama Belle and Bunny Nicole host the Miss Gay Charlottesville Pride Pageant as part of C’ville Pride Week. An all-ages crowd will witness the standout styles, cutting-edge cutouts and classic looks as female impersonators and transgender male-to-female contestants compete in several categories: creative pride […]