Vampire Weekend overcame the backlash of a quick rise to fame by crushing the charts with its latest album, Modern Vampires of the City. Photo credit: Alex John Beck

ARTS Pick: Vampire Weekend

With it’s recent Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album, Vampire Weekend bites into a variety of styles with inspiration from Afro-pop and rock music of the past. Formed in New York City in 2006, and taking its name from a failed film project, the band rose to the top of the music world with […]

Corey Marshall takes care of the funny business at the Comedy With A Taste of Jazz show on Saturday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Comedy With a Taste of Jazz

Richmond-based comedian and self-proclaimed syllogist Corey Marshall shares the stage with the area’s top jazz players at the Comedy With a Taste of Jazz series launch. Hosted by the United Nations of Comedy, the series harkens back to the Harlem Renaissance and the jazz era by offering a distinctive fusion of laughter and feel good […]

Jon Favreau (shown here alongside Sofia Vergara) wrote, directed, and stars in Chef, a foodie friendly big screen comedy about restaurant career navigation. Publicity photo

Jon Favreau’s Chef is predictable and pleasing

Sometimes it’s nice to see a nice movie. “Nice” is a bad word—it’s usually reserved for people who are inoffensive but undatable or your grandmother’s ruminations on her flower garden—but occasionally the word just works. “Nice” is a good description of Chef, writer-director Jon Favreau’s return to smaller stories after the gargantuan (and flat, and […]