The Firefly Charlottesville Pinball League’s first match of the season takes place on April 14. All skill levels are welcome. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Pinball league ramps up for second season

When Dan Purdy walks into his bank, the tellers know to pull out a couple stacks of rolled quarters. No nickels needed, and there’s certainly no cause for pennies. Purdy can tell the good rolls (government issued) from the bad (locally rolled, riddled with other coins), but he’ll make use of a change machine if […]

The Milk Carton Kids dazzle with tight harmonies and dueling acoustic guitars at the Jefferson on Tuesday. Photo: Publicity photo

The Milk Carton Kids play with traditional folk

The Milk Carton Kids’ Joey Ryan falls into a quirky pattern during taped interviews and between live songs. He becomes clueless, feigning ignorance about certain words and well-known musicians. He once claimed he’d never heard of Simon and Garfunkel. It’s a funny act—like one of the characters from Spinal Tap come to life. But it’s […]

Lyall Harris’ collection of works, including Interior Landscape, will be on display at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center through April 16. Photo: Courtesy the artist

Book artist Lyall Harris grapples with complex subjects

Book artist Lyall Harris doesn’t shy away from difficult and complex subjects, but dares to approach them more closely and pick them apart piece by piece to rebuild them. “Art is a language, a place to put things, to work stuff out,” says Harris. “My conduit.” Whatever her subject, recurring themes of identity and place […]