Kevin Costner’s days are numbered in 3 Days to Kill, Luc Besson’s latest older-white-guy-as-killing-machine screenplay.

Film review: 3 Days to Kill may be three too many

By now we’re all familiar with Luc Besson’s oeuvre, right? You may remember him as the writer responsible for resurrecting Liam Neeson’s career with Taken, a movie in which young women can do nothing for themselves while older men beat the shit out of other men who would do the women harm. With Taken, Besson sort […]

The  Wye Oak duo created its new record while living on opposite coasts.  They will play new tracks at the Southern on Monday. Shervin Lainez

Wye Oak reinvents itself by embracing distance

Wye Oak’s 2011 long player, Civilian, was the band’s breakout record. It was the third release from the duo of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, and their first for the vaunted North Carolina indie label Merge. It was a profile-raising album, and one of the most highly lauded recordings of that year, allowing Wasner and […]

Ohana looms large in the feel good, hyponotic jams of Santa Barbara’s reggae-tinged Iration, which brings much love to the Jefferson.

ARTS Pick: Iration

Sunny California meets the Aloha spirit in the alt-reggae troupe Iration, comprised of childhood friends Joseph Dickens, Adam Taylor, Cayson Peterson, Micah Pueschel, and Joseph King. The five-piece is currently gigging on its third release, Automatic, which features a collaboration with Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish. The album skyrocketed up the Billboard and iTunes […]