Savion Glover is one of a handful of performers keeping tap dance in the pop culture spotlight. Gregory Hines was one of Glover’s early teachers, and he pays homage to him and other tap masters in his performances.

Savion Glover teaches students of tap to look within

Tap dancer Savion Glover can see the future of his art form. “Where do I see it going? Wherever I am. Tap’s going wherever I am,” he told C-VILLE Weekly in a recent phone interview. Glover is the modern day face of tap, on a mission to reinvigorate a dance more closely associated with black […]

Nathan Bowles prefers to play “hyper-nuanced percussive drone or tranced-out solo clawhammer banjo” in his solo sets. Image:  Lisa Elmaleh

Nathan Bowles brings his banjo fusion to a dynamic triple bill

To the average listener, traditional Appalachian music has little in common with avant-garde drones and improvisational noise. Nathan Bowles has forged a career in each of these genres. The brilliance of his body of work is the suggestion that these styles share a common aesthetic and inform one another. “They’re both fueled by the same spirit,” […]