Local artist Russ Warren’s exhibit at Les Yeux du Monde pays homage to Spanish masters with paintings like “El Perro de la Infanta." Photo: Eric Kelley Photography

Velázquez to Picasso: Russ Warren channels Spain in the Blue Ridge

“The landscape around my Charlottesville home is remarkably like that of Oaxaca, Mexico,” muses Charlottesville-based artist Russ Warren. It has “a spirituality emanating from the atmosphere and the mountainous landscape that seems magical.” To be honest, despite having spent much of my life in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is not a comparison I’ve heard […]

The kid who unapologetically professed, “I’m a loser, baby. So, why don’t you kill me?” has proven that he is the real deal. Beck performs on Wednesday at the Pavilion. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Beck

Since his rise to fame in the early ’90s, Beck has become something of a music icon. His breakout “lo-fi” sound had an air of lethargy, while revealing a staid, candid glimpse of Americana that no other artist had been able to capture. Beck’s music matured over the years, and the downright cool of his […]

Four County Players close the season with Our Town, the profound story of life, love and death in a small New Hampshire locale. Photo: Martyn Kyle

ARTS Pick: Our Town

Four County Players, in collaboration with the Hamner Theater, rekindles the neighborly drama and simple charm of last-century Americana in its production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Our Town. Thornton Wilder’s play within a play showcases the appeal of everyday lives made extraordinary through observation, and remains exceedingly popular as it approaches its 80th anniversary. Through […]