"The Love Witch" Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories

Six films that break through at the Virginia Film Festival

Always Shine Writer-director Sophia Takal’s psychological thriller Always Shine is a thoughtful exploration of the performative nature of all social interactions, whether between actor and director, business and customer, individual and society and even between supposed best friends. Beth (Caitlin FitzGerald) and Anna (Mackenzie Davis) are both actresses living in Los Angeles who have had […]

The “Dappled Things” show, featuring “Axes” by Lisa Ryan, repurposes writings into new artforms for the final Garage event of 2016. Courtesy of the artist

ARTS Picks: ‘Dappled Things’

The multimedia, multi-artist show “Dappled Things” is named for the opening line in “Pied Beauty,” a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins that speaks to the natural magic of pattern and rhythm. Local artists, including Dean Dass, Cate West Zahl and Stephanie Fishwick, source the written word for inspiration by transforming text such as love letters, […]