John Lilly is known for his mastery of songwriting and yodeling. Come see him belt it out at C’ville Coffee on Sunday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: John Lilly

Long lauded as a lighthearted Hank Williams, award-winning singer-songwriter John Lilly strums original country compositions on acoustic guitar and mandolin that would satisfy any folk lover’s Americana thirst. Chicago-born and West Virginia-based, Lilly has six albums under his belt and tours internationally both solo and with the band Blue Yonder. This intimate concert with Lorie […]

Jonah Hill and James Franco match wits in True Story, based on the relationship between an accused man awaiting trial and a discredited journalist. Photo: Fox Searchlight

Film review: True Story tells it a bit too straight

There is a sliding scale of effectiveness for movies based on true stories. At the upper end are films like Lawrence of Arabia, Goodfellas or City of God, where gifted artists at the top of their game have found meaning and inspiration in someone else’s life and have bent the facts in order to get […]