Andi Cumbo-Floyd will read from her book, Charlotte and the Twelve, at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center on December 16. Courtesy of the artist

Andi Cumbo-Floyd addresses racism through YA historical fiction

Local author and historian Andi Cumbo-Floyd came of age on the Bremo Plantations in Fluvanna County. In central Virginia, “there are plantations everywhere, but we don’t call them that,” says Cumbo-Floyd. “We call them farms or estates.” While she knew “people had been enslaved there,” she says she “didn’t really have an awareness of what […]

Charlottesville’s Second Draw has declared a new style of acoustic rock it calls “bluejam.” Catch them on Saturday at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Second Draw

Charlottesville’s Second Draw has declared a new style of acoustic rock it calls “bluejam.” Founded in a raw, energetic style, somewhere between country and jam rock, the group’s self-proclaimed genre blends driving guitar with bluegrass instruments including mandolin, banjo and accordion. The desire to break new ground is evident on SD’s debut album, White Dog, […]

John Waters breaks tradition in his standup comedy show that informs on “how to act at Christmas, how to get through it, how to love it, how to hate it and how to not let it defeat you.” Photo by Greg Gorman

John Waters showcases the odd humor in Christmas

John Waters is a man of many names. Dubbed the Prince of Puke, the People’s Pervert and the Pope of Trash, among others, the legendary filmmaker has made a career out of his personal brand of quirky, twisted humor. Although best known for bringing Hairspray to the big screen along with cult classics like Pink […]