Despite boasting the wide, tree-lined streets of the Jardim America and Jardim Paulista neighborhoods, São Paulo is also home to countless dilapidated tenement buildings, or cortiços, that have the chance to serve as incubators for creative urban interventions.

Daniela Sandler explores activism in urban reinvention

For many, Brazil conjures images of rain forests, samba dancers, and favelas. It’s also the host country for this year’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. A great deal of news coverage has detailed both the construction that has gone into preparations for these global sporting events as well as resulting public demonstrations demanding stronger […]

Guitar virtuoso Pierre Bensusan plays the Southern on Wednesday.
Image: LUCK Media & Marketing, Inc.

ARTS Pick: Pierre Bensusan

There’s no place that isn’t home to Pierre Bensusan. The guitarist’s been on the road for four decades, picking more than singing, but still working a bit of both into his live shows. That schedule almost necessitates his being able to be comfortable anywhere. And he should be reasonably content in Charlottesville. As WTJU’s Folk […]

Nici Cumpston has created masterful exhibits that captures the stunning beauty of Australia in photos like “Leopard Tree II.”

ARTS Pick: Nici Cumpston

Nici Cumpston sees landscape art as more than the simple depiction of world locales. Through photography, she tells the story of a place, preserves the history of a people, and enriches our understanding of the human experience. Her newest collection, titled “having-been-there,” focuses on artwork that demonstrates the rich presence of Aboriginal history and culture […]