Justin Moore retains the pure sound of classic country music centered around acoustic guitars and fiddles, among 
other strings. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Justin Moore

It’s no surprise that the die-hard fans of classic country crave the music of Justin Moore. He gives them exactly what they want—a heavy dose of guitar twangin’, buckle shinin’, boot hitchin’ good ol’ boy culture. By refusing to water down his sound, Moore holds steadfast to tradition, focusing his lyrics on the themes and […]

Simultaneously an artist and a teacher, Ryan Trott reminds us all that art can’t be contained in a classroom but should be shared throughout our city. Photo credit: Amanda Finn

Teacher and artist Ryan Trott loosens up the creative process

The day after Labor Day, Ryan Trott will return to the classrooms and hallways where he teaches art to local elementary school students. Under his guidance, they’ll learn about masterworks and fine art techniques; he’ll lead them in exercises to spur imagination and develop creativity. And when asked how he spent his summer vacation, Trott […]

Browse locally hand-crafted goods at the artisan-oriented fleaVILLE this weekend at the IX. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: fleaVILLE

Looking to add some art and local flavor to your shopping experience? Then head to fleaVILLE, the destination where originality is the leading retail trait. Comprised of local artisans and chefs, the bundle of tented vendors offers a glimpse into the talent of the area, and lets you take a bit of it home in […]