David Oyelowo, who stars as Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, is predicted to sweep the Hollywood awards season for his leading role. Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Film review: Selma is a well-crafted portrait of a moment

Among the many artistic and political accomplishments of Ava DuVernay’s Selma is the full embodiment of grassroots activism. After generations of society’s dismantling of the breadth of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s political and ethical contributions down to a single sound bite (that is routinely misappropriated), DuVernay has done King and the world a favor by […]

Arturo Lindsay’s “Portraits of Yemaya” is a result of his spiritual quest and research on the African Diaspora in contemporary American culture. Photo: Steve Taylor.

Circle of hope: Arturo Lindsay’s global soul search

Photos of secluded beaches, colorful fishing boats and turquoise waves hang on the walls of Second Street Gallery, which has been temporarily overrun with harbor themes: a white ship-shaped structure from which dozens of folded origami boats dangle and twirl, a wash of sand and seashells across the gallery floor, a navy blue wall bearing […]