Gary Green takes the harmonica to a new level when he joins Mayer Kirby Mayer for a special benefit show at the Paramount. Photo: Courtesy subject

Local ties: Harmonica player Gary Green hits a familiar stage

As audio engineer for Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater, it’s Gary Green’s job to make musicians sound great. What many people don’t know is that Green is an accomplished musician in his own right. A virtuoso harmonica player, he won the Hohner-sponsored 1987 World Harmonica Championships, and by his own estimate has since played on recordings for […]

May the wind be at your back when Celtic rock band Gaelic Storm blows through the Jefferson on Sunday night. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Gaelic Storm

The name evokes a tempestuous clan of freckled redheads taking no prisoners as they blast through a set of fiddle-driven pub rock in the heart of a Celtic village, but, in reality, Gaelic Storm is a group of friends who met in Santa Monica, California, and made it big after appearing as the steerage band […]

Get the scoop on the latest releases from P.O.D., Joe Satriani and Vintage Trouble. Photo: File photo

Album reviews: P.O.D., Joe Satriani, Vintage Trouble

P.O.D. The Awakening/T-Boy/UMe P.O.D. ended its previous record, Murdered Love, with singer Sonny Sandoval dropping f-bombs and checking off a list of the many forms of baggage that Christians bring to the table. The Awakening takes up the cause by way of a concept record featuring a drug-addicted, alcoholic, home-wrecking, neglected man going through a […]