The Tuesday Evening Concert Series offers music for lovers of the classics when Les Violons du Roy performs Rameau, Haydn and Mozart. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Les Violons du Roy

Named after the legendary string orchestra that played for the French king at Versailles, Les Violons du Roy transports listeners to the sumptuous courts of 18th century Europe. Led by conductor Mathieu Lussier and pianist Marc-André Hamelin, the 15-member group performs elegant pieces by Rameau, Mozart and Haydn. Tuesday 3/17. $5-33, 7:30pm. New Cabell Hall, UVA. […]

Bay Uno’s recent video for “Wait for Your Love” is racking up YouTube views and has millennials buzzing with discovery. Photo: Ben Heller

ARTS Pick: Bay Uno

With songs that are busy, crowded and accessible, a rock ‘n’ roll diner is the perfect venue for Brooklyn-based indie folk artist Bay Uno’s Charlottesville debut. And while Uno is on the later side of middle age, he’s hip, like a grass-fed burger topped with cheddar and artisan bacon: delicious, classic, refined, yet unpretentious. Monday […]

Cellist Ben Sollee breaks from classical tradition with his alternative playing style and activist songwriting. He performs on Sunday at the Southern. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Ben Sollee

Kentucky native Ben Sollee is quickly becoming a household name thanks to his innovative songwriting and inventive approach to the cello. Using his bow and his right hand, he slaps and plucks chords creating a full groove that sounds more like a trio than a soloist. His recent credits include touring the U.S. and Europe […]