Divergent, starring Shailene Woodley and Theo Jones, tries to capture the young dystopian movie audience, but never quite catches fire.

Film review: Society is divided in Divergent’s thin premise

It’s the distant future. The citizens of what was once Chicago live in a dystopian society—is there any other kind of post-apocalypse?—that is divided into five factions. Members of Erudite are intelligent. Amity are peaceful farmers. Candor speaks truthfully and handles the law. Abnegation is selfless and runs the government. And then there’s Dauntless, the […]

Tristan Thorndyke and his bandmates describe their rockabilly act The Savages as “purveyors of auditory terror.”

ARTS Pick: The Savages, Ginger & the Castaways, and Cashless Society

Revive your passion for American rock ‘n’ roll with three acts armed to the teeth with rhythm, twang, and pompadours. Tristan Thorndyke leads The Savages in self-described “psychobilly swing.” Ginger & the Castaways craft garage rock filled with bluesy soul, and Madison, Virginia’s Cashless Society rocks out family style with James Tamelcoff III sharing lead […]

ARTS Pick: John Lindaman

ARTS Pick: John Lindaman

John Lindaman hasn’t lived in Charlottesville for years, but he’s fondly remembered by many for his seminal late-’90s band True Love Always,  a regular on the old Tokyo Rose stage (more recent Charlottesville transplants may recognize Lindaman for his central role in The Parking Lot Movie). Over the course of three albums (and one singles […]