Richmond’s Lucy Dacus didn’t go searching for a music career, but it found her anyway. She made her first record, No Burden, on a lark, as a school project for a friend. Recorded in just one day, critics raved about the album, a bidding war began, and she signed with Matador Records a few months after its release. Publicity photo

Lucy Dacus sets course for big topics on second record

On “Troublemaker Doppelgänger,” a bluesy jaunt from Lucy Dacus’ debut album, the singer-songwriter posits, “No child is born knowing there’s an ugly or evil thing / When did my folks stop covering my eyes?” It’s a thesis statement of sorts for No Burden, a record that explores the responsibilities of adulthood. The cover art features […]

Sarah Grace Cheek’s exhibit of personified everyday objects, “Unmanned Surface Vehicles,” is on display at The Garage through the month of April. Photo by Martyn Kyle

First Fridays: April 7

Sarah Grace Cheek wants viewers to ponder the true nature of the objects she’s created out of wood, wheels, metal baskets, illuminated light bulbs, electrical cords and other common things for “Unmanned Surface Vehicles,” her show on view at The Garage this month. Are these objects functional? Are they furniture or art? Does this one […]