Richard Cooper, Madeleine Lawson and Angelica Jackson star in Every Tongue Confess, the heavy-hitting opener of UVA Drama’s fall season. Image: Michael Bailey

ARTS Pick: Every Tongue Confess

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust—a series of church burnings sets UVA Drama’s new season in motion with Marcus Gardley’s acclaimed 2010 play Every Tongue Confess. Weaving Biblical lore with the true history of a small Alabama town, this Southern spectacle also mixes gospel and blues hits for a soaring metaphysical journey. Director Theresa Davis […]

Daphne Lee Martin shows off her intimate brand of fiery folk music in a performance at The Garage on Wednesday. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Daphne Lee Martin

Born into a folksy family, Daphne Lee Martin has music in her blood. After years crafting harmony-rich, traditional gospel and Appalachian ballads with her mother and sister, the sultry songbird struck out both solo and with a variety of bands, and playing a range of tunes from edgy, innovative punk to fresh Southern roots. She’s […]