Album reviews: Sam Cregger, The Currys, Katie Herzig

Album reviews: Sam Cregger, The Currys, Katie Herzig

Sam Cregger Tell Me Something Different/Self-released The sophomore full-length album from local artist Sam Cregger is a real treat. Tracks like “Still Love” pit unending love against a backdrop of ambling Americana music that features some languid accordion to set the mood, while the simple, brief folk track “Discovering Roads” casts a wide-eyed look at […]

Pop sensation in the making, We Are Star Children, will celebrate the release of With Arrows along with special guests The Extraordinaires and Kate Bollinger. Publicity photo

We Are Star Children define a new era of adventure pop

The name of Gene Osborn’s band, We Are Star Children, does not come from a Bruce Dickinson song called “Starchildren.” Osborn says he’s never heard the song, and that he’s shocked to find the chorus of the song spells out his band’s name. “I’m equally shocked no one else has brought it up to me […]

After 30 years of supporting local dance, Miki Liszt’s efforts now focus on preparing for the future with her educational youth dance company. Rammelkamp Foto

Miki Liszt’s graceful work in local dance carries on

For many budding dancers in the annual Community Children’s Dance Festival on Saturday, it will be their first time on stage, facing bright spotlights and a hushed audience. But amidst the backstage buzz lies another milestone that might escape the eyes of proud parents. Miki Liszt will quietly celebrate her dance company’s 30th anniversary during […]