Lovable curmudgeon Rodney Crowell has written countless hits for others.  He will play his own tunes at the Jefferson on Sunday.  Image: David McClister

Country songwriter Rodney Crowell isn’t about to sell out

Rodney Crowell probably wouldn’t like you. Don’t take it hard. He doesn’t seem to like much—except for country music. The old school songwriter has recorded a handful of tunes that have had commercial success over the years, but he’s even better known for songs other people end up singing. Crowell’s penned tracks that have been […]

Johnny Depp defies death via artificial intelligence in order to save the human race in Transcendence.
Photo: Warner Brothers.

Transcendence descends into a tech quagmire

One of these days someone is going to have to write a movie that explores—purposely—the irony of making a film that uses cutting edge technology to tell an anti-technology story. Transcendence is not that movie. Its storyline, character arcs, and politics are so hopelessly muddled, it’s unclear what its makers were thinking. In fact, there’s […]

Trisha Orr’s “Celestial Navigation” is one of the paintings she made to explore the relationship of body and soul during an illness. Photo: courtesy of the artist

Artist Trisha Orr paints herself out of a corner

Trisha Orr’s complex, tour de forces of fabric, objects, and flowers have earned high critical praise for many years. They are beautifully rendered, dispassionate works, and they reveal very little about the artist except that she is technically gifted and admires beauty. Growing up in a demanding family and going to art school in the […]