Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. made it to the big time on “America’s Got Talent,” and he’s staying there through his pure talent and showmanship. He appears at the Paramount on Saturday. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Over two years after taking home a million dollar grand prize on “America’s Got Talent,” classic crooner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. continues to wow national audiences with his smooth Sinatra covers. While he’s not quick to forget his West Virginia roots, the once penniless car washer has catapulted to fame with interpretations of Old Blue […]

Album reviews: Oceaán, Gemma Hayes, She & Him

Album reviews: Oceaán, Gemma Hayes, She & Him

Oceaán The Grip EP/B3SCI Records Genre labels are inherently shortsighted, but if you absolutely have to use one for Oliver Cean a.k.a. Oceaán’s, second EP, The Grip, then try dubhoptronica. Angelic synths and hip-hop beats marry together seamlessly on the closing track, “At Your Feet,” while “Veritas” combines wobbly rhythms with beats and what appear […]

Chris Forsyth leads The Solar Motel Band through transcendent, billowing rock jams on Friday at the Tea Bazaar. Photo: Constance Mensh.

ARTS Pick: The Solar Motel Band

Guitarist Chris Forsyth constructs massive anthemic rock jams that prompt comparison to the masters of his genre. In 2014, Forsyth’s The Solar Motel Band released Intensity Ghost, bringing new accolades and critical praise including this from NPR’s Lars Gotrich: “With the Solar Motel Band he seeks the endless jam at the intersection of television and […]