Vaden Cox and Friends perform at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall January 7. Publicity photo

ARTS Picks: Vaden Cox and Friends

In a family-friendly show that aims to “complete your celebration of the New Year and the Christmas season,” Vaden Cox and Friends break out new tunes and a long list of familiar favorites from the Monticello Road days. John Stubblefield and Eric Heinsohn are just two of the performers joining in to reprise an annual […]

Jasmine Poole blends traditional country music with alt-rock edginess in Wonky Tonk. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Wonky Tonk

Punk cowgirl Jasmine Poole blends traditional country music with a bit of alt-rock edginess and stages it under the name Wonky Tonk. With a claim on influences ranging from Loretta Lynn to Modest Mouse, the Kentucky gal bends the musical perceptions of her heritage, stating, “It’s hard to separate the wonk from the tonk. Nor […]

Terri Allard (pictured with filmmaker Geoff Luck) hosts WHTJ/WCVE’s “Charlottesville Inside-Out.” The show, which airs Thursdays at 8:30pm and Sundays at 12:30pm, celebrates 10 years with a concert at the Paramount on January 11.  Photo by Ryan Jones

Terri Allard celebrates 10 years of storytelling on WHTJ

About 10 years ago, Terri Allard had an idea for a television show. As an Americana-folk singer-songwriter raised in Barboursville, she had been sharing stories for years. Some of those stories belonged to her, but most belonged to other people, she says, and sharing them with an audience is what she’s always loved most. She […]