Local band pays tribute to the late Prince in a show that benefits the Music Resource Center. Photo: Courtesy of artists

ARTS Pick: Cville’s Purple All Stars

When the world lost music phenom Prince on April 21, the tributes were instantaneous thanks to social media and the emotional connection he inspired in his fans. Cville’s Purple All Stars took time to contemplate the loss, brushed up on the superstar’s greatest hits and will put their reverence into a concert to benefit the […]

Photo: Eze Amos

July First Fridays Guide

Textile artist Tobiah Mundt captures and encases her fears and anxieties in sculpted form by exploring different methods of textiles, primarily needle felting. Her creatures, made from raw wool combined with natural and man-made objects, convey and illicit emotion. Mundt’s wool sculptures are poked thousands of times with a barbed needle, compacting the wool into […]