Matt Celentano at VMDO Architects

ARTS Pick: Fruit Bats

Since the release of Fruit Bats’ 2001 debut, Echolocation, music critics have stuck some pretty obscure labels on Eric D. Johnson’s four-track-recording-project-turned-full-band: “bootgazer,” “rustic pop,” “zoology rock.” But no matter what it’s called, the group’s brand of indie-folk rock has held steady through six records (and a recent five-year hiatus), including its latest, Absolute Loser, […]

Matt Celentano at VMDO Architects

First Fridays: December 2

First Fridays: December 2 Cameron Mankin derived his 14 Fallen in Daredevil #11 series from comic book images. The small etchings—jittery black lines on a chalky white ground—“have a certain doodle-like quality to them, but only if someone drew the same doodle a dozen times in the same spot,” Mankin says. He hopes that the prints […]

WTJU DJ and programming director at the Paramount, Matthew Simon got hooked on collecting vinyl at a young age.  Courtesy subject

Vinyl never went out of style for avid collectors

Ask a vinyl record collector about his collection and it becomes clear that listening to records is about more than the music. It’s about the ritual of placing the needle in the groove and being present for the sound; listening to The Beatles with your dad; anniversary dinners with your wife. In honor of Record […]