On its new self-titled release, Restroy combines grunge, electronic, classical and mbira music into avant-garde compositions. Photo by Amy Jackson

ARTS Pick: Restroy releases self-titled debut

It’s more than a push of a button when Restroy’s Chris Damman sends a wave of electricity through his carefully composed cello numbers. Despite using electronic drones and noise, the acoustic instrument is the foundation of sound for Damman, who is so physically in tune with his cello that it’s actually changed his posture. On […]

In the low-on-laughs comedy, Life of the Party, Melissa McCarthy deals with a personal crisis by going back to school. Courtesy Warner Bros.

Movie review: Life of the Party relies on recycled gags

Credit is due to Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy for their efforts to inject meaningful emotions into broad comedies without punching down or relying on unwarranted meanness for their punchlines. But it would help if those punchlines were funny. Back in 2013, their collaboration on Tammy used McCarthy’s star power to tell a sweet story […]