Loop 2.4.3 explores new territory in traditional ways when the Brooklyn duo headlines a bill of experimental pop at the Tea Bazaar on Thursday. Mark Brattke

ARTS Pick: Loop 2.4.3

Experimental percussive duo Loop 2.4.3 intertwines globally influenced drumbeats with electronic tones and creative vocals. From its current base in Brooklyn, prolific, award-winning composers Thomas Kozumplik and Lorne Watson merge tribal grooves with futuristic melodies and highly contemplative lyrics covering the nature of time, sound, emotion and everything in between. The minimalist ensemble conveys a […]

Zomes headlines a triple bill loaded with haunting ambient drones and vocal acrobatics at the Tea Bazaar on Friday. Publcity photo

ARTS Pick: Zomes

With the addition of vocalist Hannah, the duo Zomes has embarked on a musical journey far richer than it’s doubling of size could predict. After a chance meeting in 2012, one man band Asa Osborne decided that Hannah’s lilting improv vocals were something his droning synth compositions couldn’t live without. The pair is currently touring […]