Coining himself the “master of space and time,” Leon Russell continues to roll away the stone with over 50 years in rock 'n' roll. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Leon Russell

If Leon Russell had stopped making records after his eponymous release in 1970, the 73-year-old pianist-songwriter-producer would still be a legend today thanks to his extensive collaborations with the founders of rock ‘n’ roll. The album’s credits list Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Steve Winwood among other musical royalty of the […]

The controversial Gods of Egypt, starring Gerard Butler as the villain, fails through a preposterous, tangled plot and a disengaged cast. Photo: Lionsgate

Film Review: Gods of Egypt goes off the rails

At the advance screening for Alex Proyas’ megabudgeted misfire Gods of Egypt, someone in the row in front of me turned on his phone in plain sight of those behind him and started texting. Under normal circumstances, I’d be more than happy to yell at a complete stranger over this sort of thing, but when […]

Eliza Evans' #selfies exhibit opens on March 5 at The Garage. Photo: Amy Jackson

March First Fridays Guide

Local artist Eliza Evans has been painting acrylic portraits from real-life scenes since 2006, and she always tries to capture a good likeness as quickly as possible so the subject doesn’t get uncomfortable sitting. Her latest exhibit is a collection of self-portraits along with some portraits of her close friends and family on canvas, wood […]