Junior Brown plays Thursday at The Southern. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Junior Brown

As a young boy moving about the Midwest with his family in the 1950s, Junior Brown became a good listener, and what he heard was country music “growing up out of the ground like the crops—it was everywhere; coming out of cars, houses, gas stations and stores like the soundtrack of a story.” Brown took […]

Jack Walker and Adrienne Oliver play couple John and Pony Jones in Live Arts' production of The Realistic Joneses. Photo by Will Kerner

ARTS Pick: The Realistic Joneses

Merging the profound with the trivial, Will Eno’s absurdist script for The Realistic Joneses plays out like a tough-topic sketch comedy. When new neighbors arrive, two couples get to know each other through unlikely circumstances that bring them together and push them apart in unexpected ways. The Hollywood Reporter calls the story a “mordant, melancholy […]