Sensual, high-octane contemporary dance comes to The Haven in Communitas, a music and dance collaborative. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Communitas

Communitas is a Latin term that signifies the coming together of various mediums in the spirit of equality, which makes it the perfect name for an event that joins music and dance. From around the country, violinists and dancers come gather for a celebration of the human spirit through sound and motion. The concorDance contemporary […]

The stripped down, poignant tunes of Tina and Her Pony are on order at the Blue Moon Diner on Thursday. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Tina and Her Pony

The wonderful tunes of Tina and Her Pony prove that not everything needs to be modernized in the 21st century. The Ohio duo sticks to the basics, producing amazing folk music from simple guitars, banjos, and cellos. Each song tells the story of a true experience and explores the themes and emotions found in the […]